At BISON, we believe in the power of technology and innovation to transform the way containers are weighed and lifted in the day-to-day operations of freight forwarders through to military logistics. Making it easier than ever before, BISON solutions will streamline your daily operations to save you time and money. 

A Brief History of BISON


BISON was co-founded by brothers Dr. Mark Fahey and Greg Fahey in 2014, after recognising that the current solutions in the marketplace were bulky and required a large capital investment by companies who need to lift and weigh shipping containers. They hold a particular skill in identifying a market need and creating an innovation solution to match, with the ability to then bring this to market. 


In 2015 the first BISON solution BISON C-Jacks was introduced to the market, and is now being used by organisations such as NASA, the US Army and Virgin Galactic. The ability to weigh grounded containers in any location, achieving highly accurate weights and allowing exporters to provide a verified weight to conform with VGM SOLAS requirements has been revolutionary. 


There was still a need to provide the same kind of technology and smart solution for containers that sit on a chassis. So in 2016, BISON C-Legs were launched! The same smart weighing technology but this time with hydraulic legs, BISON now truly offers the ability to weigh a container in any location, whether it's grounded or on a chassis. 


Through working with market leaders in various industries, the Fahey brothers continue to identify opportunities where innovation and smart technology is required to simplify once complicated operational processes in the weighing and lifting industries. BISON's new portable C-Lift system extends the benefit of intermodal logistics to a new frontier; enabling containers to be delivered, grounded and collected in new, challenging and remote locations.

Management Team

Headshot Greg

Greg Fahey - CEO

Greg hails from 10 years of corporate advisory work with law firms and growth companies in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He holds distinct skill in business strategy and development, and participated as a director and investor in various tech ventures before culminating in the formation of BISON in 2014.

Headshot Mark

Dr. Mark Fahey - CTO

With 20 years of mechanical engineering experience, Mark has developed and sold patents in the field of lightweight hydraulics and developed high performance products for aerospace, military and marine industries. His specialty is defining a need and then creating and bringing to market the perfect product to solve the problem.

Headshot Marcus

Marcus Beadell - COO

Marcus has 25 years professional experience in managerial and operational roles across Europe and New Zealand. His specialty is operations and asset management and he holds particular skill in Lean manufacturing. With an extensive background in all aspects of manufacturing, Marcus joined BISON in 2016.

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