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Shorter Delivery Time in the USA

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7 Sep 2 Minutes

At Bison

Cutting delivery time in the US by more than 80%

Bison has opened a new warehouse in Houston, Texas to store its most popular products, cutting delivery time in the US and Canada by more than 80%.

From October 2022, purchases of the M Series, A Series, and X Series container lifts and C-Jacks portable container scales will now be delivered in just 1 week, much shorter than the 8 weeks it used to take for delivery.

What led to the change?

Previously, Bison built products to order, which added extra lead time. And during the pandemic, global logistics issues slowed down delivery and created delays.

The addition of the new warehouse will make delivery much faster across the US and will avoid delays and issues caused by international shipping.

Why Choose Bison?

Bison enables you to take charge of your container operations so you can lift, load, and transport containers on your terms.

Our container lifts give you the power to lift and lower any ISO container without needing a third-party lifting service or loading dock. And our portable weighing systems make it easy to weigh a loaded or unloaded container whenever you need.

We are trusted in over 60 countries by customers such as NASA, Caterpillar, and NATO. We pride ourselves on building the best quality equipment, operating with ethics and fairness, and continuing to innovate.

Getting in Touch with Bison in the US

From now until December, we’re holding a series of Container Lifting Demos in several cities across the US. Click here to register for a Demo Day.

If you’d like to talk with someone about purchasing container lifts or C-jacks, Bison USA Vice President of Sales Christa Klein is available for remote consultations. You can find her contact information below.

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