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Why Bison

What Bison Does Differently

And Why You Should Consider Us

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25 Aug 4 Minutes

At Bison


Hardware manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, with many differences throughout the procurement process. That's why, when purchasing large machinery for your business, it's important to consider who you're working with, in addition to what you're physically buying.

With this in mind, we thought, what makes us different from the competition?

Hopefully, this blogs helps to explain why.


No matter what industry, your worker safety is the number one priority. Whether you operate on reinforced concrete, gravel or uneven surfaces, Bison container lift systems integrate hydraulic cylinders with counterbalance valves, dual pulley cables and remote emergency stop for complete load-holding safety in case of emergency.

Bison C-Lifts are either manually operated or powered by a high tech HPU (hydraulic power unit), meaning that if your site has restrictions on gasoline/diesel power (like those found in mine sites throughout Australasia) you can now operate with freedom knowing that your lifting hardware is not a source of danger for your workers.


From the bolt-to ground F Series to the transportable, fully manually operated M series Bison provides a range of container handling solutions that work in a wide array of operating environments.

The M Series & A Series can be more easily transported, set up and used. Simply load the lifting columns onto the back of a pickup truck or light truck using a forklift allows operators to maximise the usage of their C-Lifts over the expanse of multiple work sites.

The T Series is permanently bolted to your container for constant mobility, allowing you to mobilise high-value containers anywhere, anytime.

The X Series and F Series replace the need for loading docks and other warehouse based container processing solutions, by allowing business to operate on their own terms.


With lift capacities from 10 tonne all the way to 40 tonne, our systems are pound for pound some of the most powerful on the market.

Bison container lift systems blend engineering innovation with high-tech hydraulic power. Creating products that are simple and easy for users to understand, means our C-lifts reduce the risk of misuse or improper set-up – which could be a potentially costly mistake for your business.


Bison are experts in container lift systems, we learn about and understand industries, unlike any other company. Armed with this knowledge, it allows our team to find the best fit for your operations – maximising your return on investment and increasing operational efficiency.

This attention to detail is why Bison products are trusted in over 60 countries by entities including NASA, Siemens, GE, The US Army & Navy and NATO.


We pride ourselves on our after-sales support. This process begins the moment you place your order, our team will talk with you about your operations and put together a Safety, Training & Service Plan to make sure you see maximum value from your Bison equipment.


Bison is not your run-of-the-mill container lift company, we are driven by innovation and the desire to help you make your business better. Whether that’s improving operational efficiency, removing third party costs and delays or helping you regain control of your operations, our team believes we can help.