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What Does Container Weighing Cost You

Bison Group

5 Oct



How many thousands of dollars does your company spend on weighing shipping containers?

The total cost of weighbridges (truck scales), haulage and forwarder margins can really add up. And with intense scrutiny over road weight limits and VGM obligations under the SOLAS Convention, having an accurate container weight is more important than ever.

We speak to our customers to find out how much they’re saving on weighbridge fees and other third party weighing services…

Vilniaus Baldai - IKEA’s furniture supplier

Martina Andrulyte, Product Warehouse Manager, Vilniaus Baldai, furniture production company in Lithuania, considered weighbridges as an option when SOLAS VGM rules were implemented, but when they ship around 1,300 containers annually and it costs €15 per weigh, costs started adding up. They have saved over €19,000 annually in potential weighbridge fees and have seen payback on their Container Scales with stands within 7 months of purchase.

”The main influences for purchasing Bison Container Scales with stands were mobility, price and return on investment - which was only 6 - 7 months.”

Hexion - Bulk chemical production & distribution

Hexion produces and ships thermoset resins, their Tauranga, New Zealand branch were using a third party weighing service to weigh their containers, they were at the mercy of someone else’s availability, they required a better method for weighing containers.

“With the amount of bulk goods that we export, weighing individual items would be far too time-consuming. Using a weighbridge was too expensive and time-consuming, and looking at how the external contractors weigh the containers was an idea that we could potentially do it ourselves.

BlueSky Meats - Global meat exporter

BlueSky Meats, processor and global supplier of high-quality meat products, have seen savings to their container shipping costs of about 10%. By hitting the target weight with every container, the rendering team is now shipping more bone meal in less containers. Over the course of a year, this will bring down shipping costs from this product line by approximately 10%, improve cash flow and improve profitability for the business.

“Removing the risk of ever having to return a container to site again. [On-site weighing] has helped us optimize container loads, and save a tonne on shipping costs.” – Ben Nally, Logistics Manager, BlueSky Meats

Calculate how much you can save

You may not know exactly how much your business is spending, or you might be interested in finding out what you could save. This is why Bison has developed a useful calculator for you to find out:

Exactly how much you spend on container weighing

How you can eliminate weighbridge costs (or truck scale cost) from your business?

How you can reduce trucking companies' fees in your business?

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