reduced operational costs

Flexible Weighing Operations

Improved resource utilisation

Our Customer

NAMOPS (Namibia Operations) Logistics are a Namibian based logistics company providing full service with container yard storage with pick up and transport operations. 

Namops are tech-savvy, their operations focus on optimising fully automated systems, which enables their clients to track container movements in real-time. This gives their team endless knowledge of where their containers are located, when they were picked up and how many are stored. 

NAMOPS specialise in refrigerated containers with over 300 plugin points covering a range of products such as chicken, fish, meats and seeds. In addition to refrigerated containers NAMOPS handle between 120-150 dry containers per month using BISON C-Jacks.

Their Problem

Before investing in a set of C-Jacks, NAMOPS relied heavily on third-party weighbridges for their container weighing operations. 

However, this process caused headaches and delays for their team. 

The weighing process was inefficient. Trucks were often stuck in queues and there were constant delays because of the need to weigh a container twice; once when a truck is empty and then again when the container is fully loaded.

In addition to physical delays, preparing the weight documentation used to take about 48 hours - a process that was made easier with the C-Jacks’ ability to digitise weight data.

The Solution

The motivation behind selecting the BISON C-Jacks was to remove the need for double weighing via the weighbridge. 

"Now we are able to weigh at the client site directly, so it saves a lot of time.  The C-Jacks are very portable, meaning we can take them with us to multiple client sites.  Now we have cut back on the two-leg trips." - Sergio Figueiredo, Managing Director.

Inefficient weighing processes were costing NAMOPS crucial hours which directly affected their bottom line. But, with the easy to use, portable C-Jacks scales the ability to be adaptable in their weighing operations means increased efficiency and smarter asset use. 


The Results

BISON C-Jacks have given NAMOPS control and independence over their weighing operations. Key benefits, NAMOPS have said, include:

  • Time Savings -  C-Jacks provide NAMOPS with a fast, simple solution for weighing their containers on-site. Eliminating the need for multiple truck journeys, shortening the weighing process.
  • Improved Resource Utilisation - With BISON C-Jacks, resource congestion has decreased, allowing NAMOPS to do more with their existing truck fleet.
  • Weigh Containers Anywhere - Easily transportable, C-Jacks are able to be easily moved in between multiple sites. Providing flexibility to their weighing processes.
  • Increased Revenue -  Removing third-party weighing and improving operational efficiency has increased Namibia Operations bottom line.


“I have received exceptional service from BISON and looking forward to conducting more business with them in the future”

Sergio Figueiredo, Managing Director - Namops Logistics

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