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PP Logistiikka offer container storage, packaging and container handling for high tech machinery, and pulp and paper equipment producers.

They are a customer driven company with over 25 years experience, and a reliable part of their clients' supply chain. They typically load 200-300 containers annually.


PP Logistiikka customers were reliant on local ports to weigh containers, at a cost of EUR 30 per VGM, or they were calculating the container weight by manually adding up individual pallet weights, although this second method wasn't always practical and the first method gets expensive. 

Another issue their customers faced was timing. Containers had to be delivered to port at least two days prior to vessel loading, for weighing. However, some containers included sensitive quality control processing equipment that requires storage in controlled room temperature environments. This led to more expensive storage fees for two days prior to vessel loading.


PP Logistiikka saw an opportunity to make things easier for their customers with BISON C-Jacks. They now offer a weighing service at their facility, with the VGM App they send a VGM certificate to their customers ahead of time so shipments can be booked with the local port. 

BISON C-Jacks were the first choice for PP Logistiikka because of the compact and portable design. They allow weighing anywhere on site and they take up little space in a business where space is a premium.  PP Logistiikka load containers in three or four locations around site and BISON C-Jacks provide the flexibility to weigh containers either indoors or out. With C-Jacks being a stand alone system, PP Logistiikka value the fact that no other machinery or vehicles are needed in the weighing task.

The BISON VGM app syncs with the BISON C-Jacks providing instant VGM certificates on the operator's smartphone. They then simply email the certificate to their customer ahead of time, keeping containers on site in controlled conditions, if required, until they are ready to depart for port to be loaded on the next vessel.


“Weighing could not be easier! I really mean this. Even a 10-year old could do this with ease. Using the VGM App is easy, as is operating the C-Jacks. We’ve used the C-Jacks mainly indoors on the concrete floor but also outside on uneven gravel/snow with no difficulties there either.”

 - Tommi Remsu - Logistics Manager, PP Logistiikka Oy 

Another very satisfied client who would recommend BISON C-Jacks and VGM App to anyone looking to improve efficiencies and pass on those savings to their clients. They've further increased customer satisfaction levels in their logistics and container handling business. 

Special thank you to Tommi Remsu for the photos of the C-Jacks in use.

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