Measure Payloads With Confidence

Shippers, if you're loading bulk commodities into flexitanks, lined containers, reefers, or ISO tanks, you'll know it's hard to measure the payload accurately. As a result you risk overloading, or under filling the container. BISON solves this problem.

Weigh containers as you load

With BISON C-Jacks, you can weigh containers in real time, during loading. There's no more guessing. No more loading blind.

Maximise every shipment

Precision weighing as you load will maximise sales revenue, and optimise shipping costs for every container you ship. 

Streamline loading Operations

You'll also save time and money by not diverting the container to a truck scale, or check weighing the cargo during loading.

Eliminate the risk of overloading

If you've ever had a container picked up overweight, it's an experience you won't want to repeat. With BISON, you'll avoid fines, delays, repacking costs and unhappy trading partners. 

"We load by eye, so we have no way of knowing what's in the container. there's alot of risk in terms of going too light, or too heavy."

Ben Nally - Logistics Manager, BlueSky Meats

Seafood Exporter Maximises Every Shipment


Download the Optimisation Report for Bulk Exporters to learn:

  • How to streamline your filling & weighing process
  • How to ship more cargo in less containers
  • How to hit your target weight every time
  • How to eliminate unnecessary container movements
  • How to avoid overloading the container

And read the case studies of two bulk cargo exporters that have lowered shipping costs and boosted revenue.

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