Deploy Containers Intact, On Time

From containerised energy systems, to pop up shops, there’s really no limit to what you can do with a modified shipping container. But a regular challenge is how to get your container in place, on time, at an acceptable cost. BISON C-Lifts are the answer.

Get Self Sufficiency

C-Lifts give you control of your container deployments. Avoid delays and downtime from managing lift services and site owners. 


Keep the container level and protect the container, contents and ground surfaces from tilting and scraping.

No Lift Charges

Eliminate the cost of hiring mobile cranes and tilt decks. The bigger the distance you've got to travel, the more you save.

"We can go in there with just a few guys and the BISON system, unload our equipment and get out of the way of the other contractors"

- Marcus Oliver, Global Asset Manager - HPA USA

Why Bison C-Lifts?

If you're in the business of processing heavy ISO containers, C-Lifts are a versatile option for lifting and processing containers in a range of different operating environments.

lower capital Investment

From a cost perspective, C-Lifts compare favourably with forklifts, gantry cranes, mobile cranes, and tilt decks.  


A C-Lift gives you the freedom to lift containers where and when you want. No more delays and lift charges from service providers.


C-Lifts are compatible with all ISO container types, sizes, and weights, including high cubes, 45' and 53' boxes.

Build Lift Capacity Into Your Next Custom Container

Partner with Us And Sell More

We welcome sales partnership opportunities and can help you grow your business by supplying container lift systems that give your customers better mobility and self sufficiency.

Solutions range from the retrofit C-Lift T Series (video above) which travels on the outside of the container, through to the manual C-Lift M Series which packs down into a compact unit (pictured here) and can travel inside the container, or in a support vehicle. 

For Sales Partnership Opportunities

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