Calibrate C-Jacks Yourself

Calibration Kit

For total independence, use the optional Calibration Kit to check accuracy and re-calibrate C-Jacks yourself. This is a useful tool if you are based a long distance from weighing technicians, or if you value complete self sufficiency.

C-Jacks maintain their accuracy well. However as with any weighing instrument, heavy use can affect calibration over the longer term. The Calibration Kit allows you to re-check and re-calibrate the scales at any time, giving you confidence that your weight readings always remain accurate and true.

Weigh Containers on Chassis

C-Jacks with Stands

Use C-Jacks with stands to weigh containers on the chassis. The stands are four purpose-built, height adjustable stands paired with C-Jacks. Engineered to safely support the heaviest containers, each stand has a levelling mechanism, to accommodate uneven ground surfaces, wedge-lock feet for maximum stability and a kick bar and puncture proof pneumatic tyres for easy mobility and storage. 

Weigh Big Heavy Objects

Beam Scale Adapters

Convert C-Jacks into a portable, heavy duty beam scale with a 35,000 kg (77,000 lb) weighing capacity. Do this by coupling C-Jacks with a set of 4 x Beam Scale Adapters, which then integrate with a simple RHS (rectangular hollow section) steel beam. Bridge the beams with a steel plate to set up a portable, high capacity weighing platform. 

C-Jacks and Beam Scale Adapters are an ideal substitute for crane scales, weighing platforms and weighbridges, and can be used to weigh big, heavy objects that are otherwise difficult to lift or move.

Send Instant VGM Certificates


Get the BISON VGM App on your smartphone and email detailed VGM certificates as soon as the container is weighed. Take photos, check and record the container weight distribution, capture other useful shipment info, and email this data instantly from the field. With the VGM App you can say goodbye to lost dockets, delays and VGM miscalculations.

Weigh Containers From the Ends

BISON Spacers

If you stand your containers close together, you can still weigh containers from the front and rear using C-Jacks and a pair of customised plastic blocks called Spacers. 

Spacers are contoured to fit the majority of containers, they attach using magnets, and fill the gap between the door and the C-Jack scale. The rear of the container is the same as the sides, so Spacers are not needed here. Always remember to take care with containers over 20,000 kg (44,000 lb), to make sure the front-loading doesn't damage the container door seals and hinges.


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