BISON Beam Scale Adapter

Turn your BISON C-Jacks into beam or platform scales with this heavy duty weighing solution, enabling you to weigh those "hard-to-weigh" objects at anytime, anywhere.


  • Size the beams or platform to suit your application
  • 35,000 kg  (77,000 lb) weighing capacity 


  • Weigh outside the gantry area
  • Avoid slinging and lifting bulky items
  • Improve safety

How it works

Connect BISON C-Jacks to the Connectors and a pair of RHS steel beams to make a heavy duty beam scale. Or bridge the beams with a steel plate to set up an accurate weighing platform. Customise the beam or platform dimensions to suit your application.

To weigh large, heavy objects in any location:

  • Place the beams beneath the object you want to weigh
  • Fit the BISON Connectors to the beams
  • Attach the C-Jacks
  • Lift clear of the ground, then weigh.

Use the BISON VGM App to capture the weight on your smart phone, take photos, add related details and send the weight record to yourself or third parties.


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