Lift Heavy Containers Anywhere

Transfer heavy containers in any location with the C-Lift P Series. Portable and safe, with a 32 tonne (70,000 lb) lift capacity, the P Series is the ideal solution for sites where traditional container handling equipment is too big, heavy or expensive - or simply unavailable. The P Series is easy to transport, works on rough ground and can be moved around by one person - no forklift required.

  • Unique mix of portability and high lift capacity
  • Runs off single phase electric power 
  • Handles rough & uneven ground
  • Compatible with all ISO container types & sizes

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P Series Specifications

Standard components
4 x steel legs with carrier frames
4 x double acting hydraulic cylinders
1 x hydraulic power and control unit
Assorted hydraulic hoses, fittings & rigging
Lift capacity
P32 - 32,000 kg (70,000 lb)
P10 - 10,000 kg (22,000 lb)
Lifting Height
165 cm (65 in)
Reversing Clearance
50 cm (20 in)
Leg weight
P32 - 130 kg (286 lb)
P10 - 110 kg (242 lb)
Minimum operators
High strength steel
Quality coatings for corrosion protection
Hydraulic cylinders with integrated counter balance valves
Abrasion resistant hydraulic hoses with quick release couplings
Puncture-proof rubber tyres
Hydraulic power Unit
Integrated electric motor, hydraulic pump, oil reservoir and directional control valves, inside steel tube housing on wheeled base
Power Options
230-240 V, single phase, 50Hz (standard)
200V single phase, 50-60HZ
230V, 3 phase, 50HZ
440V, 3 phase, 60HZ
400V, 3 phase, 50-60HZ

"We don't have to rely on someone else to provide us with equipment"

Gary Lehman, Tower Inspection - Muskogee, USA

Certified design

CE certified and designed to EN 1494:2000+A1:2008.

Quality Engineering

Constructed with high strength steel and first class materials.

Performance tested

Proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery.

Full training

Comprehensive videos, operating material and personalised training available.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support available from BISON and/or local suppliers.

5 year warranty*

5 year warranty on structural components. *Conditions apply.

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