Calibration Rig

The BISON Calibration Rig and Configuration App provides an easy and reliable way to make sure your BISON Scales are reading accurately. The accuracy tolerance from this method of calibration is better than 1%.

For comprehensive information about calibrating your scales, click here.

The rig can be purchased, or contact BISON to enquire whether there is a calibration rig available for hire in your region.


To jack a container from the front and rear twist lock, we offer a pair of customised plastic blocks - called "spacers" - to fill the gap between the door and the scale.

Spacers are customised to fit the majority of containers and attach using magnets. We recommend that care is taken with heavier containers (> 20 tonne) to ensure the loading doesn't damage the container door seals and hinges.

The rear of the container is the same as the sides, so spacers are not needed at the rear end.


You can connect BISON C-Jacks to a Connector and a pair of steel beams to weigh large objects other than containers.

Attach the Connector to a steel beam or forklift pocket (100 x 150mm Rectangular Hollow Section or RHS) to create a portable, heavy duty beam scale.

Alternatively, bridge the beams with a steel plate to set up an accurate weighing platform, customised for your needs in any location.


Convert your BISON C-Jacks into C-Legs with the addition of these Stands, and weigh containers on trailer-chassis .

The Stands are safe, rugged and and easy to manoeuvre around your site, with a unique wedge-lock design for quick and easy set-up.

Container Booster

Does a twisted container or un-level ground mean you struggle to close the container doors? Does your current approach to solving this problem - crowbars, forklifts, brute force - pose a health & safety issue? Then the BISON Booster Kit is your ideal solution.

The kit comprises a galvanised steel frame (without weighing apparatus), quality Japanese made bottle jack, bottle jack handle and optional ground plate

Hydraulic Lifter

Need to weigh lots of containers? Lift the container quickly and easily, get a weight in seconds, and then lower the container down; all at the push of a button.

The Lifter is an ideal solution for sites where lots of containers are being packed and dispatched. With a hydraulic system that is specifically designed to allow the combined capacity of two container scales to be used without risk of overloading, weighing very heavy containers has never been easier.


The BISON VGM App is a feature rich tool that syncs BISON Container Scales with your smart phone. You can verify the container weight and load distribution, take photos of the container & seal, and email signed VGM certificates.

Spare Parts

We hold a comprehensive stock of spare parts for BISON Container Scales. Contact us today to enquire.