Weigh containers on the chassis

With C-Jack Stands, you can weigh your container on the chassis, eliminating the costs incurred from weighbridges & allowing the weighing process to work on your schedule. Extending the tried & tested C-Jacks system, the C-Jack Stands are a quick, reliable option to satisfy your container weighing needs. 

  • Engineered to safely support and weigh the heaviest containers
  • Levelling mechanism, to accommodate uneven ground surfaces
  • Wedge-lock feet for extra stability and a kick bar
  • Puncture proof pneumatic tyres for easy mobility and storage

Self-contained and easy to use, BISON C-Jacks with Stands are the world’s most portable, versatile and accurate solution for weighing containers on chassis. 

What Our Customers Say

"The fact that we can get a live, real-time readout, means we no longer need to guess when
we are filling our containers, and we can maximise container space."



”The main influence for purchasing BISON Scales was its mobility, the price and the return on investment, of course, which was only 6 - 7 months. On the operational side, it’s good as well because it suits our process. We do not lose time. We don’t need any extra people, we don’t use more hours because we do it in the same process. So it saves time and it works perfectly with our process.”

Martina Andrulyte, Product Warehouse Manager, Vilniaus Baldai AB

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