Accuracy At All Times

You can check and re-calibrate C-Jacks yourself to better than 1% accuracy with the BISON Calibration Kit. The kit is packed in a tough, padded carry case and takes only a few minutes per scale to calibrate. A smartphone app guides you through a quick and easy process, automatically making necessary adjustments to the C-Jacks' calibration. The result is peace of mind, you can trust your container weight readings are accurate to within 1% at all times.

  • Avoid down time, by not sending C-Jacks off-site for calibration
  • Avoid the cost of getting your calibration done externally
  • Check the calibration at any time, as often as you want
  • Stay in control of calibration and accuracy at all times

Calibration Kit FAQs

  • What is calibration?

    Calibration is the process of maintaining the accuracy of your weighing instrument. In this case, it involves comparing a container weight measurement produced by the Calibration Kit, which is known to be highly accurate, with the weight measurement produced by your C-Jacks. Any variation can then be corrected, or "calibrated".

  • Why is calibration important?

    Calibration is important for a number of reasons, including:

    • It ensures readings from your C-Jacks are always accurate
    • It establishes that weights produced by your C-Jacks are reliable and can be trusted
    • It ensures payloads are always optimised improving revenue
    • It improves safety by ensuring container weights are accurate and evenly distributed
  • What does the Calibration Kit include?

    The Calibration Kit includes the following items as standard:

    • 1 x Calibration Module
    • 1 x Digital Indicator
    • 1 x Bubble Level
    • 1 x Plastic Carry Case
    • BISON Config App

    You will need an Android smartphone to download and run the Config App.

  • How does the Calibration Kit work?

    The calibration is made by comparing the reading from your C-Jacks scales with the Calibration Module in your Calibration Kit. Weight is applied simultaneously to the Calibration Module and the scale, using the corner of a container, and the readings from both are compared. If they are different, the scale is adjusted by the Config App to match the reading from the Calibration Module. The process is repeated with each of the four container scales in the C-Jacks set.

  • How heavy does the container need to be?

    The weight of the container should ideally be over 12 tonnes (26,000 lbs) for the load on the Calibration Module and C-Jacks to be significant enough to see a discernible difference. But the precise weight of the container is not important, as the Calibration Module provides the reference value.

  • What is the level of accuracy achieved with the Calibration Kit?

    Your C-Jack scales will read within 1% of perfect after calibration with the Calibration Kit. This level of accuracy is generally sufficient for most container weighing applications. If you would like even better accuracy, we supply a Calibration Rig, that will deliver better than 0.5% accuracy. Or if your C-Jacks need to be verified as 'legal for trade', an accuracy tolerance of 0.2% can be achieved by fine-tuning the calibration with certified test weights.

  • How frequently should I recalibrate my BISON C-Jacks?

    We recommend you have your C-Jacks' calibration checked annually, but timing really depends on how you use them. Calibration can be affected by overloading and shock loading. If your C-Jacks are often used to weigh heavy containers, then their calibration should be checked more frequently than if they are seldom used or used to weigh light containers. It also depends on how critical accuracy is to your operations. With your own Calibration Kit you can check as often as you wish.

  • How reliable is the accuracy of the Calibration Kit?

    The Calibration Kit is calibrated in an accredited laboratory, prior to delivery, and has a fully traceable certificate of calibration. As the Calibration Kit is protected from heavy impacts and overloads, it can be relied upon to remain true, whereas C-Jacks may be exposed to the heavy-duty rigours of container weighing. The accuracy of the Calibration Kit can be checked and confirmed periodically in the laboratory if desired.

  • Is calibration the same as 'trade approved'?

    No. The Calibration Kit and Config App provide an easy and reliable way to make sure your C-Jacks are reading accurately. The accuracy tolerance is better than 1%. However in some countries, for some container weighing applications, BISON C-Jacks need to be 'legal-for-trade approved' for use. BISON has a network of Service Partners around the world who can assist you with the verification testing needed for trade approval. This typically involves calibrating C-Jacks, with certified test weights, to a more finely tuned accuracy tolerance of better than 0.2%.

Calibration and More with the BISON Config App

The process of checking and calibrating your BISON C-Jacks is made easy with the BISON Config App. In addition to calibration, there are additional features in the App to help you configure and maintain your scales. The App's intuitive interface provides you with the following functions:


The data from your C-Jacks provides the first clue about how they're performing. With the Diagnostic feature in the App you can check the key data from your C-Jacks and capture it in an email. This information can be useful for BISON's technicians to help you remotely by checking and diagnosing any issues you may be experiencing.


Auto-configure allows you to apply any changes made remotely by BISON's technicians onto your C-Jacks. You can download and apply any changes to the C-Jacks at your convenience, using the Auto-Configure feature on the App. No matter your location and time zone, as long as there's internet connection, BISON will help you keep running.

Calibrate Zero

The knocks and bumps of handling heavy containers can push the zero off. A short press on the yellow button each time you use each C-Jack will manually re-set the zero, but if you want to adjust it permanently back to zero, the Config App provides an easy way to do this.


The Calibrate feature guides you through the process of checking C-Jacks' calibration and applying an adjustment if it is required. It's a very straightforward operation and only takes a few minutes.

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