Fast, portable and accurate, BISON C-Jacks are robust industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers. 

Trusted by exporters, forwarders, logistics firms, military and port authorities in over 25 countries, C-Jacks are the perfect solution for managing compliance, optimising payloads and weighing containerised commodities wherever your location.

C-Jacks eliminate reliance on weighbridges and third parties for weighing containers. By taking the scales to the container, you can get instant container weight verification at a time and place that best suits your shipping operation.

Capable of weighing all shipping container types and sizes up to 35,000 kg (77,000 lb), BISON C-Jacks are OIML certified and highly accurate. BISON C-Jacks put you in control of your container weights. 

OIML Certified & EU Type Approved

What Our Customers Say

"From a cost point of view we don't need to pay for every weigh, so we anticipate the payoff will be less than a year and a half, and we would have probably halved the time it takes for us to weigh our containers in any given week."

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Trusted In Over 30 Countries

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We have a range of accessories available to suit all of your container weighing needs.

Tightly packed containers?

Use spacers to attach C-Jacks to the ends of the container.

Need to weigh on chassis?

C-Leg stands are available as a separate component.

need to weigh oversizeD objects?

Turn your C-Jacks into a heavy duty beam or platform scale with connectors. 


Unit of measure
kg or lb
Weighing Capacity
35,000 kg or 77,000 lb
Display Increments
50 kg or 100 lb
OIML Approvals
OIML R-76 MAA and OIML R-60
National Approvals
Type approved in Europe, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa & more
Load Cells
10,000 kg or 22,000 lb weighing capacity per scale. 150% service overload capacity. 300% ultimate overload limit.
Single button on/off and re-zero each scale
High strength steel frame with thermoplastic powder coat. Tough glass-filled nylon casing
4 x standard AA batteries per scale. 40+ hour battery life cycle.
Hydraulic Jacks
10,000 kg (22,050 lb) lift capacity per jack
11 kg (24 lb) per scale. 8 kg (17 lb) per jack. 5 kg (11 lb) per ground plate.


  • What surfaces can I weigh containers on?

    The ground surface should be firm, compacted and level for weighing. With due care and attention, it is possible to weigh containers accurately on rough (i.e. gravel) and uneven (i.e. pot holed) surfaces. Steel ground plates are supplied with C-Jacks to spread the load at each corner and minimise marks on the ground. The height and tilt adjustment features on C-Jacks and C-Legs assist with accurate weighing on uneven surfaces and help avoid overloading single corners when weighing heavy containers.

  • Can I weigh containers on a slope?

    The weighing surface should be level. Weighing containers on a slope poses a safety hazard, as the elevated container may have a tendency to slide downhill. It is also important for accurate weighing to keep the scales vertical, as indicated by the “ANGLE” warning on the display.

  • Do I need any special training or qualification to use BISON Scales?

    No. BISON provides user manuals and instructional videos advising how to weigh containers safely and accurately, it is recommended to read and watch these prior to operating. No special qualifications are needed. The scales are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Once you have weighed around six containers, you'll be an expert.

  • Can I weigh containers from the ends, instead of the sides?

    Yes, you can weigh containers from the ends. As the door end of the container is recessed, BISON can supply a pair of customised plastic blocks - called "spacers" - to fill the gap between the door and the weighing module. The spacers are customised to fit the majority of containers and use magnets to attach to the container. We recommend that care is taken with heavier containers (>20 tonne) to ensure the loading doesn't damage the container door seals and hinges. The rear of the container is the same as the sides, so spacers are not needed at the rear end.

  • How long does it take to weigh a container with C-Jacks?

    For grounded 20' containers, it takes one person 4 - 5 minutes to attach, weigh and pack the C-Jacks away. The operation can take a little longer for 40' containers and less time if more than one person is involved. Here is a time compressed video of the full operation.

  • How high do I need to lift the container?

    The container only needs to be lifted just clear of the ground or chassis. Typically the lift height is 2-3 cm.

  • How many people are needed to weigh a container?

    Only one person is needed to weigh containers with C-Jacks and C-Legs, but two or more people can work in parallel for a faster operation.

  • What container types and sizes can BISON Scales weigh?

    BISON Scales can be used to weigh any length container up to 35,000 kg (77,000 lb). The scales are compatible with all ISO containers, including tank containers and reefers.

  • What weighing capacity do BISON scales have?

    BISON Scales have a weighing capacity of 35,000 kg (77,000 lb). Each scale has a weighing capacity of 10,000 kg (22,000 lb).

  • How accurate are BISON Scales?

    The Maximum Permissible Error acceptable for BISON Scales to be 'legal for trade' is ± 75 kg at 35,000 kg, which equates to an accuracy tolerance of around 0.2%. The actual error is typically half this when the equipment is well calibrated with accurate test weights. For general container weighing applications where 'legal for trade' approval is not required, the scales can be easily calibrated on BISON's Calibration Kit, and this results in an accuracy tolerance of better than 1%.

Support Information

  • How are BISON Scales calibrated?

    All BISON Scales are factory calibrated prior to shipping. Once used, the scales can be re-calibrated with BISON's Calibration Kit. The accuracy tolerance from this method of calibration is better than 1%. A higher accuracy tolerance of better than 0.2% can be achieved by fine-tuning the scales with certified test weights. You can buy your own Calibration Kit, or contact BISON or your dealer to talk about re-calibration service options. 

  • How often do the scales need re-calibrating?

    How often you need to re-calibrate BISON Scales depends on what you are using them for, how frequently they are used and the weight of the containers you are weighing. For reliably accurate weighing, re-calibration once per year is recommended.  

  • Are the scales water proof and dust proof?

    Yes. BISON Scales have an IP 64 ingress protection rating. This means the system has complete protection against ingress of dust and there will be no harmful effects from dripping, spraying and splashing water. We recommend inverting the hydraulic bottle jacks after use in wet conditions, to extend their working life by avoiding internal corrosion. A water displacement spray applied to the piston-rod will also help the longevity of the bottle jacks.

  • What is the battery life?

    The batteries have a 45 hour tested life cycle. This life cycle reduces to approx. 20 hours if the scales are used in low light environments and the LCD backlight turns on.

  • What is the expected life cycle?

    BISON Scales have a design life of 10 years. Their actual life will depend on how they are cared for and serviced. The internal components are very modular, meaning it's easy to replace the load cell, electronics etc and keep your scales operational.

  • What maintenance is required?

    BISON Scales require very little maintenance. The batteries need to be changed periodically. We supply high quality Japanese-made bottle jacks which have proven to be very robust but can be easily replaced if issues arise. You may also need to re-calibrate and/or re-certify the scales periodically, depending on your application.

  • What warranty does BISON offer?

    Product warranty may vary from country to country. In general, all hardware comes with a 12 month, limited warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing.

  • Do you supply spare parts?

    Yes, BISON can supply spare parts with your order. If spare parts are needed later, these can be shipped on request. BISON Scales are very modular, making it easy to diagnose and resolve issues quickly with replacement parts. 

  • What do I do if there is a problem with the scales?

    If you purchased the scales from a dealer, contact your dealer in the first instance. If you purchased the scales direct, from BISON, email We will help you resolve any problems quickly and cost effectively. After sales service is supported by a remote diagnostics feature in the BISON VGM App. This allows BISON to test performance and diagnose any issues with your scales remotely via the internet. 

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