BISON C-Jacks are a complete and portable system for weighing shipping containers on the ground and on chassis. 

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, C-Jacks save you time and money by weighing containers at the most convenient time and location for your business. 

C-Jacks sync with the BISON VGM App. With the App you get a verified gross weight direct to your smartphone, you can check the container's load distribution, capture photos and email detailed VGM certificates instantly from the field. 

Fully certified and built with absolute commitment to accuracy and reliability, BISON C-Jacks make container weighing simple.

  • Avoid weighbridge costs & delays
  • Maximise container loads
  • Stop overloading
  • Trade with confidence
  • Streamline your loading process
  • Earn revenue from VGM weighing services

Watch them in Action

Weigh Containers on Ground

Weigh Containers on Chassis

Trusted in Over 30 Countries

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Portable, Safe & Easy to Use

How Do C-Jacks Work?

C-Jacks comprise four portable scales, which attach to the corner castings of any ISO container. Using hydraulic bottle jacks, the container is safely lifted just clear of the ground or chassis. The load at each corner is sent wirelessly to a central indicator, and to the BISON VGM App, giving you a highly accurate gross container weight. C-Jacks have a weighing capacity of 35,000 kg (77,000 lb) and weigh ISO containers of all types and sizes, including high cubes, reefers, flat racks and ISO tanks, from 10 foot to 53 foot. 


Standard Components
4 x certified wireless container scales
4 x custom bottle jacks
4 x steel ground plates
1 x master indicator
1 x trolley
Unit of Measure
kg or lb
Weighing Capacity
35,000 kg or 77,000 lb
Display Increments
50 kg or 100 lb
OIML Approvals
OIML R-76 MAA and OIML R-60
National Approvals
Type approved in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa & more
Load Cells
10,000 kg or 22,000 lb weighing capacity per scale. 150% service overload capacity. 300% ultimate overload limit.
Single button on/off and re-zero each scale
High strength steel frame with thermoplastic powder coat. Tough glass-filled nylon casing
4 x standard AA batteries per scale. 40+ hour battery life cycle.
Hydraulic Jacks
10,000 kg (22,000 lb) lift capacity per jack

Smart Weighing Adds Value

C-Jacks Accessories

C Legs Phil Wide Tile

Portable Stands

To weigh containers on chassis, use these purpose built, height adjustable stands, with levelling mechanism and wheels for safe and easy operation.

Calibration Kit Tile

Calibration Kit

For complete independence, use this optional Calibration Kit to check accuracy and re-calibrate C-Jacks yourself. Perfect for remote operations.

Spacers 02


If your containers are packed tightly together, you can attach C-Jacks to the front and rear ends of the container using our customised spacers.

C-Jacks Deliver


Giving you the freedom to weigh containers anywhere, anytime


C-Jacks are quick and easy to understand and operate


OIML certified with an accuracy tolerance of better than 0.2%


Built tough with quality materials for years of heavy industrial use


C-Jacks are quick and easy to use. VGM App makes data flow


It is easy for you to service and maintain C-Jacks anywhere

We Manufacture and Supply Direct

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