Fast Automated Container Lifting

For fast, efficient container lifting, look no further than the C-Lift A Series. Capable of lifting all shipping container types, sizes and weights up to 32 tonne, the fully automated A Series is safe, robust and easy to use. Operated by wireless remote control and with a lift time of just 3 - 4 minutes, the A Series gives you the freedom to lift, load and strip containers at ground level - anywhere, anytime, for less.

  • Lower costs
  • Improve safety
  • Work in new locations
  • Eliminate crane hire
  • Back up your other handling equipment

Real Customers Real Results

masterankwax lift tile


Masterank Wax tankers need to be stay in place for 24 hours to offload, which meant hundreds of dollars a day in costs. The C-Lift A Series enabled them to safely ground their tankers in a tight space and eliminate chassis hire charges.

Watch It In Action

How Does It Work?

The A Series comprises four sturdy lifting columns on wheeled bases, powered by single-phase electric supply. Each column has its own independent hydraulic power unit driving a mid-sized hydraulic cylinder. Using mechanical advantage, the cylinder lifts the container to full height via a simple pulley, in one single lift movement. The system is controlled by a wireless remote control and each column communicates with the other to ensure synchronous lifting.

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