Lift heavy containers in less than 5 minutes

The C-Lift A Series hydraulic shipping container lifting system lifts all ISO shipping container types, sizes and weights up to 32 tonne (70,000 lbs). It is fully automated, safe, robust, and easy to use. Controlled by a wireless remote, the C-Lift A Series gives you the freedom to load and strip containers at ground level - anywhere, anytime, for less.

  • Lower costs
  • Improve safety
  • Work in new locations
  • Eliminate crane hire
  • Back up your other handling equipment

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How the C-Lift A Series Works

  • The C-Lift A Series has four sturdy lifting columns on wheeled bases, powered by a single-phase electric supply.
  • Each column has an independent hydraulic power unit driving a mid-sized hydraulic cylinder.
  • Using mechanical advantage, the cylinder lifts the container to full height via a simple pulley in one single lift movement.
  • The system is controlled by a wireless remote control and each column communicates with the other to ensure synchronous lifting.

Certified design

CE certified and designed to EN 1494:2000+A1:2008.

Quality Engineering

Constructed with high strength steel and first class materials.

Performance tested

Proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery.

Full training

Comprehensive videos, operating material and personalised training available.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support available from BISON and/or local suppliers.

5 year warranty*

5 year warranty on structural components. *Conditions apply.

Watch and Learn

"Works perfectly"

- David Heron, Rosenfeld Kidson - Auckland, New Zealand 

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More reasons to Choose the C-Lift A Series

The BISON C-Lift A Series is a mobile, automated, robust hydraulic container lifting system.


Hiring a crane or heavy forklift for occasional container lifting use adds up very quickly over a year. Even hiring a crane once a month can quickly become over $15,000 a year. Eliminate this on-going expense.


The A Series can be wheeled by one person, or easily lifted by a light forklift. Compared to other on-site container lifting solutions, it takes up very little warehouse space, while still delivering 32-tonne lifting capacity.

SAFER THAN LArge mobile equipment

Top loaders and reach stackers have numerous safety concerns. Avoid these by completely taking them out of the equation. 


No longer deal with third-party container lifting contractors, crane hire companies, and their inevitable delays. Have the freedom to lift when you want, whenever you want.

SIMPle to use

No need for certified or licensed operators. 2-Speed wireless remote and training resources mean anyone can learn to operate the A Series in less than an hour. See our training resources.


High crane hire charges mean our customers see a return on investment in anything between 3 to 12 months. For many, it has been an easy decision. The question is, which Bison C-Lift is the best for you!

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