Quick and easy to set up and lift, the A Series is a safe, low maintenance option for importers, exporters and freight hubs handling regular container volumes. 

  • Fast - full lift in 3 - 5 minutes
  • Safe - maximum stability and failsafe hydraulics 
  • Simple - easy set up and wireless remote control
  • High capacity - 32,000 kg (77,000 lb)
  • Portable - easily relocated on site  

Capable of lifting all ISO container types and sizes, including high cubes and ISO tanks, the A Series equips you to un/load containers safely at ground level, giving you independence and control over your container un/loading operations.

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How Does It Work?

The A Series comprises 4 x sturdy lifting columns on wheeled bases, powered by single-phase electric supply. Each column has its own independent hydraulic power unit driving a mid-sized hydraulic cylinder. Using mechanical advantage, the cylinder lifts the container to full height via a simple pulley, in one single lift movement. The system is controlled by a wireless remote control and each column communicates with the other to ensure synchronous lifting.


  • What ground surfaces does the C-Lift work on?

    The ground surface must be solid, stable and compacted. If you have any doubts, test the ground while lifting the container a small, safe, height.

  • What container types and sizes does the A Series lift?

    The A Series can be used to lift any length of ISO container: 10', 20', 40', 48', 53' and even 60'. BISON supplies electric cables for lifting up to 40' containers as standard, and can supply extended electric cables if you are lifting longer containers. 

  • Does it lift high cube containers?

    Yes, the C-Lift can lift 9’6” tall, high cube containers.

  • What is the lift capacity?

    The A Series C-Lift has a 32,000 kg (77,000 lb) lift capacity. 

  • How many people are needed to operate the A Series?

    The A Series can be operated safely and efficiently by one trained operator. 

  • How long does it take to set up and lift or lower a container with the A Series?

    The operating time depends on many factors, including: (i) experience and number of operators, (ii) size of the container, and (iii) site conditions. Generally speaking the full operation will take 2 trained operators around 5 minutes to position and attach the legs, and 3 - 5 minutes to lower/lift the container between ground and chassis height.

  • How high is the container elevated?

    The C-Lift can lift the container to a maximum height of 165 cm (65 inches). Taller lifting legs can be manufactured and supplied on special request.

  • What is stopping the trailer from hitting the legs?

    Provided the driver is competent and takes reasonable care, the risk of the trailer hitting the legs can be safely managed. The following basic steps are recommended in the operating and training material:

    • Only use the C-Lift on sites where the truck and trailer can line up directly with the elevated container. 
    • Check that the container is sufficiently elevated before moving the vehicle under the container.
    • Make sure no twist locks are protruding from the trailer.
    • Drive slowly.
    • Always use an observer or "spotter", in communication with the driver. 
    • Use reversing aids, such as simple visible lines on the ground and/or reversing cameras if desired
  • How is the A Series powered?

    The A Series is driven by electric powered hydraulics and controlled with integrated electronics. A hydraulic power unit is housed on each leg and run off single phase electric power, supplied externally by mains supply or a generator and electric cables connecting the four legs. 


  • What maintenance is required?

    The mechanical hardware is designed to be tough and durable, and requires very little maintenance. All metallic parts are zinc-plated (silver) for corrosion protection. The hydraulic system should be maintained as per standard practice. Hydraulic seals should be replaced when there are signs of leakage, and hydraulic fluid should be replaced or filtered periodically. The hydraulic hoses may need to be replaced if they are damaged. (For example, if they are driven over with a vehicle.) This maintenance can be performed by your local hydraulics service agent. 

    The C-Lift Operating Manual contains a comprehensive list of maintenance items to monitor: (i) before use, (ii) during operation, (iii) every quarter (or 250 lifts), and (iv) every year (or 1,000 lifts).


  • What is the expected life cycle?

    The design life is 10 years. Provided the equipment is well looked after and properly maintained, it will deliver many years of service.

  • What is the difference between the A Series, P Series and M Series C-Lifts?

    The A Series is automated, with a lift capacity of 32 tonne (77,000 lb) and lift time of 3 - 5 minutes. Set up can take less than 5 minutes. Only 1 operator is required. The A Series is best suited to single site use.

    The P Series is semi-automated, with lift capacities of up to 32 tonne (77,000 lb) and a lift time of 12 - 15 minutes. Set up can take 10 - 15 minutes. 2 operators are required. The P Series is portable and easily transported between different sites.

    The M Series is manually operated, with a lift capacity of up to 22 tonne (48,000 lb) and a lift time of 40 minutes. Set up can take 10 - 20 minutes. 4 operators are recommended. The M Series is also portable and easily transported between different sites.

    Contact BISON for comparative specs and prices for each model.


Lift Capacity
32,000 kg or 70,000 lb
Lift Height
1700mm or 5'5"
200 mm clearance between each Jack and side of container
400 mm overall for reversing trailer-chassis between
Lift System
Electric powered hydraulics
Integrated electronic controls
Operated by hand held wireless remote
Power Supply
230 V single phase AC power, 15 Amp
(Can be down-rated to suit 10 Amp supply)
Lightweight, high strength steel
Three stabiliser feet for maximum stability with wedge locks
Designed for compact stowing
Forklift pockets and lift points
Portable with rubber-tyre wheels
Painted and zinc plated finish for corrosion protection
Smartphone App integrates with control system for diagnostics and communicating other system information

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