World's best weighing technology integrated into C-Lifts

BISON weighing technology has been integrated into BISON C-lifts. The C-Lift M Series and the C-Lift A Series can now lift and weigh shipping containers simultaneously. 

BISON weighing modules give you the freedom to weigh shipping containers with your container lifting equipment.

  • +/- 3% accuracy
  • Built into the C-Lift
  • Fast and easy to use
  • View data on master display
  • Syncs with BISON Vgm App


With BISON Weighing Modules on C-Lifts and the VGM App, you can:

  • instantly digitise the container weight
  • check the container's load distribution
  • capture photos
  • record essential shipment details
  • email a signed VGM certificate as soon as the container is weighed
  • keep detailed digital container weight records

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