Lifting Containers Just Got Easier

With a unique combination of portability, lift capacity and efficiency, the BISON C-Lift series is a game changer. Now you can transfer containers between the ground and chassis in any location. 

  • Works across all ISO container types and dimensions up to 32 tonne
  • Easily packed down and relocated between sites
  • Stable designs and fail-safe hydraulics
  • Two models to choose from


Bison C-Lift P32

Portable, Low Cost Solution for Lifting Containers in Any Location

  • 32 tonne lift capacity
  • Portable - compact, lightweight and easy to deploy
  • Flexible - manual and electric power options
  • Economic - priced from USD 14,750

The P32 is ideal for getting containers in and out of remote locations. The entire system weighs only 400kg, packs down to a compact 2m3 and is easily transported - either in the container, on or under the chassis or on the back of a pick up. 

The P32 will hit the market in late July 2017. Live demo videos coming soon.

How it works


Lift Capacity
32,000 kg (70,000 lb)
1650 mm (65")
200 mm (7.9") between each leg and side of container
400 mm (15.8") overall for reversing chassis between
4 x custom legs & attachment frames
2 x custom hydraulic manifold blocks
4 x hydraulic cylinders
Hoses & fittings
Electric or manual hand pump options
Per Leg: 95 kg (210 lb)
Entire System: 2 m3 or 70 cubic foot

Bison C-Lift A32

Automated, Higher Speed Solution for Lifting Containers On Site

  • 32 tonne lift capacity
  • Fast - transfer container in under 5 minutes
  • Safe - maximum stability and failsafe hydraulics 
  • Easy to Use - easy set up with wireless remote control

The A32 is a compact, economic and low maintenance alternative to cranes and heavy container handling equipment. Designed for import and export sites where containers need to be placed or loaded at ground level. Involving fewer operators and less manual effort than the P32, the A32 provides smooth, level lifting, up to 32,000kg.

Currently in final phase of testing and field trials, the A32 will be ready for release by September 2017.


Lift Capacity
32,000 kg or 70,000 lb
Lift Height
1700mm or 5'5"
200 mm clearance between each Jack and side of container
400 mm overall for reversing trailer-chassis between
Lift System
Electric powered hydraulics
Integrated electronic controls
Operated by hand held wireless remote
Power Supply
230 V single phase AC power, 15 Amp
(Can be down-rated to suit 10 Amp supply)
Weight per Leg ca. 290 kg
Lightweight, high strength steel
Three stabiliser feet for maximum stability with wedge locks
Designed for compact stowing
Forklift pockets and lift points
Portable with rubber-tyre wheels
Painted and zinc plated finish for corrosion protection
Smartphone App integrates with control system for diagnostics and communicating other system information