Tow containers on-site

Rugged and precision-built, BISON Container Tow bars enable you take full advantage of our BISON Castors. Engineered from high-grade and high-strength steel, BISON Tow bars are designed to deliver performance, durability and independence when moving containers around your site.

  • Make your containers mobile
  • Move the container to where it suits you
  • Use your space more efficiently
  • Do away with the expense of cranes or heavy forklifts

How does the towbar work

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Engineered for pulling containers

The BISON Tow bar is constructed from beams of high-grade steel. The two beams swivel on a bolt and unfold easily, locking into an open position for easy towing. Folds completely for easy storage. The BISON Tow bar is compatible with BISON Castors and is rated for 150 kn (33700 lbf). Easily connects to a light forklift or similar equipment for rapid container mobility. Attaches in less than 2 minutes.

Towbar Specifications

Rated Strength *
150 kn (33,700 lbf)

* This is different from the maximum tow weight. Contact us for more information.
Tow Eye Diameter
75 mm (3")
45 kg (99.2 lb)
Standard Components
2 x Pins
2 x Keeper Pins
2 x Tow Bar Arms (Joined)
1 x Main Bolt + Nut
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 1900 mm (6' 3")
Width: 500 mm (1' 8")
Height: 200 mm (8")

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