Email VGM Certificates Instantly

With BISON C-Jacks and the VGM App, you can:

  • instantly digitise the container weight
  • check the container's load distribution
  • capture photos
  • record essential shipment details
  • email a signed VGM certificate as soon as the container is weighed
  • keep a detailed digital container weight record for compliance purposes

The VGM App keeps information flowing, improves efficiency and keeps you in control of critical container information.

What do our customers say?


Ray Stewart - Hexion

"We're able to use the App to send the VGM Certificate to the Port... The records we keep from weighing each container can be used to resolve any potential customer dispute with regards to the weight of what we've sent them."


Martina Andrulyte - Vilniaus Baldai

"The BISON app was a really great option, it generates all the information we need, of course weight, shipment number, container number... We can get the automatic certificates sent straight to our suppliers"


Andy Nottage - Emirates Team NZ

"The best thing is, you can be out on the yard weighing the containers, and instantly email that to get captured and sent off to the shippers... If we have an issue with being overweight or out of balance, we can pick it up before it leaves the yard"

VGM App Feature List

  Free FeaturesPremium Features
Receive gross weight from BISON Scales
Calculate net and tare weight
Confirm weight distribution
Capture location, time and date
Add optional shipment details
Email basic weight record
Access outbox of 40 weight records
Edit and re-send weight records
Multiple languages
Diagnostics capability
Email signed VGM certificates  
Add your own logo to the VGM certificate  
Add photos to the weight record  
Barcode scanner  
Send CSV, XML and PDF attachments  
Send data directly to your own URL server  

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