Talley's export quality seafood, meat, dairy and vegetable products.

The company's seafood division - Amaltal Deepsea - runs a fleet of deep sea fishing vessels equipped with automated processing facilities. Fish are processed on-board within hours of being caught. Everything is utilised, including fish waste, which is converted into high grade by-products such as fish meal and oil.

Discharging the fishing vessels and delivering this valuable cargo to market involves careful logistics planning and execution.


The Cook Islands Ports Authority is responsible for the Ports of Avatiu on Rarotonga and Arutanga on Aitutaki. The Authority provides marshalling services for the movement of containerised, breakbulk and homogeneous cargoes through the ports. They process two major container ships per month, with current cargo in excess of 150,000 tonnes per annum.


BlueSky Meats is a processor and global supplier of high-quality meat products. In the high season, BlueSky’s rendering division loads up to 3 x 20’ containers per week with powdered bone meal for export to the United States. US highway weight limits mean that BlueSky can load no more than 19,958kg (44,000 lb) of bone meal into each container.

Basic or Premium

There are two versions available of the BISON VGM App, Basic (Free Subscription) or Premium (Paid Subscription). 

Basic version allows you to collect weight and other data and email it to your nominated recipients. The Premium version is available and provides a number of additional features, such as adding photos and getting your VGM weight record as a pdf certificate. A 30 day free trial of the Premium version is available.

View the full list of features for each version here

Hidden costs of Underloading

If you are under loading your containers, you are paying more in shipping costs than you need to!

When you think of each individual container load, the cost may not seem high, however the aggregate cost over the course of a year can be staggering.

Think, if you could safely increase the payload of each container by 10%, you would ship 10% less containers per year. If you shipped 200 containers in a season, at an average shipping cost of $2,000 per container, underloading by 10% costs your business $40,000 each season.

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  • Size the beams or platform to suit your application
  • 35,000 kg weighing capacity 
  • 5 kg scale interval



  • Weigh outside the gantry area
  • Avoid slinging and lifting bulky items
  • Improve safety



Be efficient, fully compliant with shipping regulations, and reduce shipping costs without compromising on safety.

improve efficiency

Avoid the costs and delays of diverting containers to off-site weighing facilities, third-party weighing providers and weighing individual cargo items. Get instant container weights at a time and place that best suits you.


Ensure you are fully compliant with the SOLAS VGM rule, EU Directive and CTU Code. Get your VGM to your freight forwarder, haulier or shipping line at the earliest opportunity. 


Avoid potential headaches down the road with overweight, underweight or unbalanced containers by weighing your container in real-time, before, during and after loading. You will ship more in less containers, bringing down shipping costs and improving revenue. 

Increase safety

Controlling and verifying the weight of your container is a guaranteed way to ensure the safety of all individuals involved. Increase safety within your operation and throughout the entire logistics chain.


The 835th Transportation Battalion is stationed at Naha Military Port in Okinawa, Japan, which contains over 100 acres of staging area for receiving and shipping supplies and equipment. The role of the Battalion is to support U.S. forces operating in or through Okinawa with port operations, and to provide common user land transportation to the island. They ship cargo such as POV’s, HHG’s and HAZMAT in 20 - 30 containers per week - moving over 500 thousand tonnes of cargo on and off the island each year.


Read all about container weighing, lifting, SOLAS VGM information and more in our blog.

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SAVE TIME - Wireless data transfer

ELIMINATE ERRORS - Auto weight calculation

MITIGATE RISK- Confirm weight distribution

AVOID DISPUTES - Take photos of container & cargo

EASY COMPLIANCE - Email signed VGM certificate

PEACE OF MIND - Keep a digital weight record

Exporter Cuts Shipping Costs

BlueSky Meats were loading container loads of bone meal "by eye" at their plant. With the nearest weighbridge 30km away, the company incurred costs from overweight and under loaded containers. 

BlueSky Meats adopted BISON C-Legs and now maximise revenue from each container load of bone meal. Haulage costs are streamlined. Weighbridge fees have been eliminated. Returns, re-work and scheduling delays are now avoided.

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