Quick Summary

  • GHS is an industrial gas processor with growing container throughput. Their gantry crane is a fixed installation that can only handle two containers at any one time.

  • A second gantry overhead crane was considered, but as a fixed installation would have occupied valuable space and cost over USD $100k.
  • Buzwair purchased a C-Lift P32 valuing its pricing and portability, enabling them to transfer containers anywhere on site (including outside) with a small storage foot print.


Gulf Helium Services (GHS) is the first Helium trans fill facility in Qatar, providing liquid and gaseous helium to the Middle East and North African regions. The company moves around 500 cryogenic containers through its facility each year and also undertakes servicing and maintenance of liquid helium 40' ISO containers. 


GHS had previously built an overhead crane in its main ISO Container repair, testing and maintenance workshop which could handle two ISO containers side by side.

Due to more containers coming into the facility for re-certification and maintenance, they needed to attend to more than two containers at any one time, but were limited to the space below the existing crane. Their challenge was how to to expand container operations into other areas of their facility. Installing another overhead crane was considered, but would cost over USD $100,000 and suffer the same space limits as existing crane.


GHS discovered BISON's container lifting solutions online, and immediately understood the increased flexibility a C-Lift offered compared with another overhead crane. A C-Lift would fit better into their operations with additional benefits such as the ability to swap container trailers and to un/load containers in most parts of their facility including outside in the parking yard.


Frank Brunsdon - General Manager of Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories said the BISON C-Lift P32 will “provide a good investment on its initial performance and gives us greater flexibility to carry out more work for our customers”.

Frank also added “In addition to the prompt, efficient service and information from BISON, the main reason that we purchased the BISON C-Lift is it’s portability, as it can be easily moved from position to position with much difficulty”.


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