Quick Summary

  • The 835th US Army Transportation Battalion in Okinawa, Japan needed to verify the weights of containers for SOLAS compliance.

  • Weighing containers off-site at a weighbridge meant they faced additional transportation time and extra costs.

  • With certified BISON C-Jacks, the Battalion now have full independence and control over the VGM.


The 835th Transportation Battalion is stationed at Naha Military Port in Okinawa, Japan, which contains over 100 acres of staging area for receiving and shipping supplies and equipment. The role of the Battalion is to support U.S. forces operating in or through Okinawa with port operations, and to provide common user land transportation to the island. They ship cargo such as POV’s, HHG’s and HAZMAT in 20 - 30 containers per week - moving over 500 thousand tonnes of cargo on and off the island each year.


The Battalion faced a significant challenge; trucking containers off-site to be weighed at a scale caused additional transportation time and costs, not to mention disruptions to their container packing and shipping operations. Under the SOLAS VGM rule, getting a verified weight of each container to the shipping carrier is a legal obligation, so it was becoming clear to the Battalion that they needed to find a better solution. But with container packing carried out in warehouses, trucking areas and even shipping docks, it was vital that the solution could be used on multiple sites and on uneven surfaces. More importantly, it needed to be approved for container weighing by the Japanese Government.


Fortunately, the Battalion came across BISON C-Jacks - a container weighing solution that met all of their requirements. Being robust, portable and compact, the C-Jacks are ideal for weighing containers on multiple sites, in various conditions and on uneven surfaces. When the container is jacked up, the Battalion use the BISON VGM App to receive the weight directly from the scales and immediately obtain a VGM certificate. And most crucially, BISON C-Jacks are fully calibrated and certified, so getting approval by the Japanese Government was an easy task.


By adopting BISON C-Jacks, the Battalion now have independence and full control over their VGM obligations. As soon as they pack a container they get the verified weight and pass it on to the shipping carrier, well in advance of vessel loading. As a result, the Battalion has significantly improved their container packing and shipping operations - no more additional transportation and costs diverting containers to an off-site scale. On top of that - the scales are "easy to use and take minimal man power"; an ideal solution for when packing, shipping and verifying the weights of approximately 25 containers per week. With BISON C-Jacks, container weighing and SOLAS VGM compliance is one less thing the Battalion has to worry about while supporting the U.S. forces with port operations in Okinawa, Japan.


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