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Most companies waste money when weighing shipping containers.

The main reason is because the most popular container weighing options are inflexible or very expensive. This forces operators to either overspend on capital equipment or waste time hauling containers to be weighed by others.

Written for shippers, forwarders, carriers, packers and consolidators, this free container weighing report is an essential guide for anyone in the container transport chain who wants to be aware of the different options available for efficient container weight management and SOLAS VGM compliance.


Get our special report on Container weighing options and you will learn:

  • The 7 most common ways to weigh containers
  • Explanations of where each method fits in the supply logistics chain
  • A detailed analysis of the pros and cons of each option
  • How you can weigh shipping containers on and off chassis
  • The most flexible solution for weighing shipping containers

The e-Book profiles 7 different options in the market. It includes a useful 1-page comparison table and then digs deeper into each option, covering: 

  • A description of the container weighing option
  • Defining where the solution fits into the logistics chain
  • A detailed analysis of the pros & cons of each option 


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