At BISON, our purpose is to enable people in all corners of the globe to handle heavy freight safely, efficiently and with accurate weights.

We strive to provide you with extensive and high quality after sales support for your lifting and weighing equipment, including regular calibration, servicing, training and maintenance. 


BISON weighing equipment has proven to be very durable. All BISON hardware comes with a minimum one year, limited warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing.  

Read our Terms of Sale for more information.


How frequently your BISON Scales need re-calibrating will depend on how heavily the scales are used. The calibration can be affected if the scales are overloaded or exposed to shock loading. We recommend undertaking an annual calibration check.

You can either return your scales to BISON or your local BISON representative for re-calibration. Alternatively, you can easily take care of it yourself with BISON’s Calibration Rig. For more information visit our Calibration Page.

If you have any questions, please call us on + 64 3 395 6134 or email




Keeping your equipment in top working order is our priority. BISON Scales are coated in a tough thermoplastic, and their rugged design is well suited to your typical heavy-industry environment, so there is little maintenance required.

The hydraulic bottle jacks are a high quality Japanese-made product, which have proven to be very robust. Should an issue arise, the modular design of your weighing equipment makes the scales very simple to diagnose and repair.

BISON carries a full range of spare parts, and can dispatch immediately on request. Call us today on +64 3 395 6134, or send us an email at


For customers who operate in remote locations around the world, distance is no obstacle for BISON. We can use Skype or any other form of communication tool for ongoing support.

BISON has a rich database of training material and can provide you with instruction on all areas of our products - from how to use through to self-service and repair.

You can also use the BISON VGM App for remote diagnostics of your BISON Scales.

Having a trusted service provider with reliable after sales support is key to keeping your business moving.

At BISON, our support team is closely integrated with our design engineers. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent support for the long term.

Talk to a team member today on +64 3 395 6134 or email at

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