Take Control & Lift Containers Yourself

Free Yourself From Swinglift & Sideloader Frustrations

For manufacturers, importers and exporters who are put off by high sideloader and swinglift service costs and long delays. Bring your container-lifting in house with BISON C-Lifts.

Is A Sideloader Right For You?

  Sideloaders BISON C-Lifts
Max Lift Capacity  32,000+ kg (70,000 lb)+* 32,000 kg (70,000 lb)
Lift Time  25 minutes  5 - 15 minutes*
Cost  USD 300,000+  USD 30,000 ~ 75,000
Footprint 40m2 (430 sq ft)  < 6m2 (64 sq ft)
Operators  1  1 - 4
On-site Mobility Yes Yes
Stack Containers 2 high* No
Handles 20' and 40' Yes Yes
Usable in Narrow Spaces No Yes - very tight
Usable under Low Ceilings No Yes
Keeps Container Level Yes Yes
Container Volume Medium - High Low - Medium
Equipment Weight A Truck +  450 kg (990 lb) - 1320 kg (2800 lb)
Can Damage Site Surface No No
Fuel Consumption Yes None

 * Depends on the model.

While Sideloaders (also known as swinglifts) are flexible and mobile container handlers, they typically take much longer than advertised to actually deploy and lift a shipping container. Jockeying the truck into position, and setting up the stabilising legs chews up time.  So, if  you just need to get heavy containers on and off a truck chassis - fast - then the BISON C-Lift is the clear winner. At a fraction of the cost of a Sideloader, and with much less fuel consumption, it is the affordable container lifting choice. Its ability to get containers on and off a truck in tight spaces in low spaces is an asset for warehouses and cramped work sites. Also, the C-Lift's small size means it can be more easily stored when not in use. However, if you need to stack containers, or move them around a site regularly, a Swinglift such as a Hammar or Steelbro might be just what you need.

Disclaimer: This comparison is intended as a rough guide only. For exact product specifications contact producers directly.

Is A BISON C-Lift Right For You?

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Is the BISON C-Lift is right for your operation?

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