Optimise container cargo weight - as you load

BISON's C-Jacks container weighing system make it easy to accurately fill a flexitank, ISO tank, or load an ISO shipping container. Maximise payloads and revenue with every shipment.


BISON C-Jacks send accurate cargo data directly through the BISON App to your phone and computer.


C-Jacks enable you to monitor bulk cargo weight as you load, simplifying the weighing process and saving you time and money.


By weighing the container at the pack point, you eliminate the costs and complications of shipping overweight or imbalanced containers.


Weighing as you load removes delays and potential for errors that come with weighing containers on truck scales.

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Use: Optimise Liquid Cargo

Reduce Shipping Costs by 10%

BISON C-Jacks enable liquid cargo optimisation - whether you are using a flexitank, or an ISO tanker.

Talley's Amaltal Deepsea use BISON C-Jacks to weigh cargo as they pump fish oil directly into a flexitank from the ship. Previously, they used flow meters to optimise the load, but this was inaccurate, requiring hauling the container to the nearest weighbridge to check the weight. This meant extra haulage costs, weighbridge fees and man-hours spent coordinating the check-weighing and top up.

Now, Talley's weighs the container in realtime during loading, allowing the supervisor to gauge loading progress and most importantly, identify exactly when the flexitank is full, reducing the number of yearly shipments and eliminating the additional haulage cost and delays.

USE: Optimise Dry Bulk Cargo

Eliminate weighbridge fees, haulage costs, and delays

BISON C-Jacks enable dry bulk cargo optimisation for shipping containers.

BlueSky Meats uses the C-Jacks load optimisation system to weigh their container loads as they fill them with bone meal for export. They used to haul the containers 30km (19 miles) to a weighbridge to check the weight. This resulted in 60km (38 miles) of extra haulage costs, double the weighbridge fees and shipment delays.

With BISON C-Jacks, they have not just maximised container loads, but also eliminated container refilling, and unnecessary haulage to weighbridges, saving on staff costs and avoiding shipping delays.

Optimise Cargo on the ground

Optimise Cargo on the Chassis

“C-Jacks ARE more efficient and easy to use than any other scale system we have used”


Why Choose BISON C-Jacks?


CE certified and designed to EN 1494:2000+A1:2008.


Constructed with high strength steel and first class materials.


Proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery.


Comprehensive videos, operating material and personalised training available.


Dedicated customer support available from BISON and/or local suppliers.


5 year warranty on structural components. *Conditions apply.

Ask us about cargo and load optimisation

More Reasons to Choose C-Jacks

Unlike traditional weighing methods, BISON C-Jacks equip you to weigh containers at the loading point - anytime before, during or immediately after the container is loaded. This means:

No more truck scale charges

Truck scale charges add up to high operating costs over time. Many of our customers get a return on investment from their C-Jacks within months, just from avoiding weigh station fees. Find out how much your business could save in weighing fees with our free weighing calculator. 

Guaranteed Compliance

Having an accurate gross weight before the container is transported puts your business in full compliance with the CTU Code, SOLAS VGM and Chain of Responsibility rules. In turn, you are contributing to safety in the logistics chain.

Better asset utilisation

By using inexpensive equipment to weigh containers, you don't need to detain expensive assets such as trucks, weighbridges, cranes and container handling equipment. Ultimately this can result in savings and a return on investment for your business.

More control & independence

Aligning the weighing and loading operation puts you in control of your container weights. Get an accurate container tare before you load. Check the weight as you're loading. And get accurate gross and net container weights as soon as loading is completed. This removes reliance on third parties - such as transporters, weigh stations, ports and forwarders - and avoids the risk of errors, slow communications and delays after the container is dispatched.

Smarter Payload Management

And if your cargo is weight sensitive or subject to strict weight limits during transit, weighing early means you have every opportunity to check and optimise your cargo as you stuff the container, maximising the container space, lowering freight cost and avoiding the risk of being picked up overweight after the container ships. You can learn more about container load optimisation with our free e-book.

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