BISON C-Lifts give you the freedom to safely handle containers - anywhere, anytime - at a fraction of the cost of traditional container handling equipment. 


With a C-Lift, you can lift heavy containers, without the high capital and maintenance costs of larger reach stackers, straddle carriers and forklifts. 


Now you can avoid the costs and delays that come with hiring mobile cranes, tilt beds and side loaders. Many of our customers get payback in under 1 year.


Put the container on the ground and avoid health & safety hazards from working at heights or running forklifts up and down container ramps. 

Get Independence

A C-Lift gives you independent container lift capability, putting you in control of your container logistics.

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Save Money. Take Control. Work Smarter

On Site Container Lifting

For importers, exporters, warehouses, forwarders and container depots, a C-Lift offers independence, cost reduction and more control over your container logistics.

With a BISON C-Lift you can lift heavy containers, without the high capital and maintenance costs associated with traditional container handling equipment. Or you can back up your other handling equipment with a lower cost option.

Grounding the container frees up the chassis, giving you more time to stuff or strip the container, and eliminating chassis detention charges.

Working at ground level, without time pressure, can make it safer and more practical to un/load the container, especially if you are handling bulky or heavy cargo.

A C-Lift may mean you can work from lower cost sites that don't have a loading dock, gantry crane or reinforced concrete surface.

And if you currently engage a mobile crane, tilt deck or side loader service to lift your containers, a C-Lift offers many benefits:

  • avoid expensive service charges
  • position the container in more convenient locations
  • use bigger or heavier containers
  • keep the container level and protect the cargo

Off Site Container Handling

For contractors, project logistics, military and aid agencies - with a C-Lift in the mix, you have one less challenge to overcome in planning your mission critical project. 

Getting containers in and out of new locations is a serious challenge. The more remote your project, the higher the cost and more complex the logistics. Hauling the container is the easy part. It's on-site lift equipment that's hard to organise. You might have forklifts and other handling equipment on site, but can it lift a loaded container? 

If you don't have your own container lift capability, you'll be considering third party lift services. But these can be expensive, unavailable when you need them and can't always handle the size or weight of your container. Sometimes they can't place the container in the right spot, or don't keep the container level. 

BISON C-Lifts solve all of these problems. A C-Lift removes the cost and complexity of arranging a suitable crane to lift the container. The portability and self-contained nature of a C-Lift means it's easily transported to new locations. Pack the C-Lift inside the first container. Carry it on the truck with the container. Or load it on a separate pick up. 

A C-Lift gives your business the freedom to lift containers where and when you want, at any time during the project. It can deliver a return of investment through savings on lift service charges, plus the possibility of new revenue by contracting out the equipment to other companies like yours. 

Which model is right for you?

For mobile container lifting, the C-Lift P Series combines portability with a high lift capacity of 32,000kg (70,000lb). The C-Lift M Series is a lower cost, simpler option, for containers weighing up to 20,000 kg (44,000 lb). 

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