For Challenging Locations

Do you need to lift containers between the ground and a chassis, but don't have the suitable handling equipment on site to do so?

It can be challenging to get a container onto a chassis if your space or access is restricted. Regular handling equipment is generally bulky and difficult to transport.  

Not only that, but it's expensive and it may not be suitable for your mobile operation. 

The BISON C-Lift is almost here and with two different models, it's a solution to suit your situation. 


New solutions are coming

Bison C-Lift

Making it faster and easier than ever before, BISON has two new, never-seen-before solutions for lifting and grounding heavy containers in any location, at any time.

C-Lift P32

Portable and cost-effective. Lift and ground fully laden containers in the most remote locations.

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Fast, efficient and controlled wirelessly. No more reliance on cranes or heavy equipment.



High capacity

Safely lift heavy containers, weighing up to 32 tonne / 70,000 lb


Easily packed down and relocated between sites

All containers

Works across all ISO container types and dimensions

Smart Controls

Smart control system ensures smooth, safe and level lifting


Stable design and fail-safe hydraulics built for safety

Fast Operation

Set up, lift and transfer the container in minutes


C Lift Remote Logistics Tile

Remote Logistics & Military

Ground and lift containers in remote locations. Move the C-Lift to site in a pick-up or inside the container.

Factory Loading Grounded Container Tile

Factories & Warehouses

Avoid live loading and chassis detention. Load containers on the floor, at your convenience.