Do you spend a lot of time and effort manually entering your container weights? What if you could improve how you manage weight and related data, eliminate the risk of manual entry errors, and simplify SOLAS VGM compliance instantly at the touch of a button? 

With a recent SOLAS rule change, the traditional 'pen and paper' method for generating container weights has been replaced by the online submission of VGMs. This called for an entirely new range of software that is capable of generating and transmitting weights wirelessly and instantly.

What does this mean for you?

Not only can you submit your VGM at the earliest opportunity, but you eliminate the risk of manual data entry errors and miscalculations and have electronic records of every single container you have weighed.

Exporter Benefits From VGM App

"We're able to use the App to send the VGM Certificate to the Port. From there we can send it to ourselves, or even to the customer. The other thing that makes the BISON weighing system so great for our site is the records we keep from weighing each container can be used to resolve any potential customer disputes with regards to the weight of what we're sending them."


Save time

Wireless data transfer

Eliminate errors

Auto weight calculation

Mitigate risk

Confirm weight distribution

Avoid disputes

Take photos of container & cargo

Easy compliance

Email signed VGM certificate

Peace of mind

Keep a digital weight record

Change language