Tailored Plans To Keep You Moving

BISON not only makes the best portable container weighing and lifting solutions in the world, we back it up with world-class services.

Our after-sales support begins the moment you place your order. We talk with you about your operation and put together a service plan, based on our Six Part Service Program, ensuring you see maximum value from your BISON equipment.

Six part service program

In-House Servicing

Most maintenance and servicing procedures require basic mechanical or hydraulic skills. We supply detailed maintenance and care information with your equipment so your team can perform regular, cost effective maintenance and servicing in-house.

Service Network

Some service procedures require specialised skills, tools or a suitable workshop. We have a network of trained Service Partners in cities across the world, who can provide technical support as required. Contact us to find a Service Partner near you.

Local Service Agent

If there is no trained Service Partner near you, we'll work with you to identify and train a local technician. Your local materials handling, hydraulics or weigh scale supplier will typically have all the skills and equipment needed to service BISON equipment.

Remote Support

BISON engineers are available at all times to train and support your team and local technicians. This remote service is delivered at no cost via email, phone and video call, globally. To contact the BISON support team call us, or email support@bison-jacks.com

Remote Diagnostics

Our remote support is enhanced by diagnostics capabilities in BISON C-Jacks and the C-Lift A Series. Working with your team, our engineers can use a smartphone app to talk with your equipment, investigate issues, reprogram the equipment and provide expert advice no matter where you are.

Spare Parts

With all BISON equipment, we offer Basic and Comprehensive Service Kits, containing recommended back-up parts in case you need them. We also carry a full range of spare parts for your BISON equipment and can quote and deliver these to you, when you need them.

Support Feedback


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"It was very good cooperation and a really partnership type experience to get BISON C-Legs on-board" - Martina Andrulyte, Product Warehouse Manager

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"BISON's support has been remarkable. They flew half-way around the world to make sure we were happy" - Marcus Oliver, Global Asset Manager



"BISON customer support has been great. Any problems that we have, we can get hold of a customer representative in the same day" - Ray Stewart, Maintenance Manager

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