Below is a guide to help you when installing the App, managing and adding subscriptions, and managing your BISON App Account details.


1. Install the BISON VGM App to your Android device from the Google Play Store.

2. Weigh using your BISON Scales 10 times before signing up for a free subscription to use the VGM App.

3. Enter the subscription code into your BISON VGM App and register it with your BISON Scales.

4. Sign in to your BISON App Account to manage your subscriptions, company details and more.


Install App

Search for BISON VGM App on the Google Play Store and press Install.

Note: BISON VGM App is compatible with Android 4.2 and later.

 Install App2

Press Open to launch the App.

Press Weigh Container.

 Weigh Container App

 Get Subscription App2

A pop up message will appear that you need a free subscription to use the BISON VGM App. You can choose to weigh 10 times until you need to get a subscription. See next steps below. 

Get Subscription

Press Get Subscription.

Get Subscription App

Enter your details and press Get Subscription.

Enter Details App

A 5 digit subscription code will be sent to your email address. 

Note: Entering your details will automatically create your free BISON App Account. Keep your email containing your 5 digit subscription code as it contains your access details to your BISON App Account.

Enter your 5 digit code and press Complete.

Enter Code App

Your subscription will be successfully activated. Press OK.

Success App

Your subscription is now visible in the App under Settings > Subscriptions.

Manage Subscriptions

You can delete, add, or change your subscription type in your BISON App Account.

Log in to your free BISON App Account using the access details in your email containing your 5 digit subscription code.

Enter your email and password details and click Sign In.

Access Free App Account

You will be logged in to your BISON App Account.

Click Subscriptions tab in the navigation.

Delete Manage Subscriptions Account

If you wish to remove your subscription, click Delete.


Adding a subscription

Click Add Subscription.

Select New Subscription or Redeem Coupon and click Continue.

 New Subscriber to Account

Select BISON VGM App from the Service drop down, choose the term type and click Continue. 

Service Term Type Account

Note: For the Basic or Premium Free Trial, your new subscription will be immediately added. For the Premium (Paid) Subscriptions, you will be directed to a secure subscription payment.

View the features of Basic and Premium versions here. 

All App Subscriptions2

Enter the new Subscription Code in the App under Settings > Subscription.

Manage App Account

Adding your organization's details in your BISON App Account

Click Organization in the navigation.

 Organisation Details Account

Add your company details, and you can also add a logo to the VGM certificate by uploading a file. Click Save. 


Adding and removing users of your BISON Scales to your BISON App Account

Click Users in the navigation and then Add User.

Enter the email address of the user and click Send Invitation.

Add Users Account

They will be sent an email with a link to login, and will need to register as a new user to the BISON App Account.

Note: New users have full administrative rights to manage the App Account.

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