Below is a guide to help you get the weight and distribution of a container, send and manage weight records, and understand the App settings and diagnostics.

A full User Guide is available for download.


1. Jack the container with BISON Scales to get the container weight and load distribution

2. Send weight record including photos and a signature to an email server

3. Delete, edit, or re-sent weight records within the outbox

4. Add a VGM certificate (premium feature)

Get Container Weight

Jack the container with the BISON Scales.

Press Weigh Container on the App Home Screen.

Home Screen App 

Press Yes to confirm that the container is lifted completely clear of the ground or trailer chassis.

Warning Message App

The weight of the container will be transmitted from the BISON Scales.

12 App Container Weight

Press Weight Distribution.

Orientate the diagram with the container. Stand at a corner and hold the button until the weight value locks. Repeat at three corners.

The weight distribution will be calculated and shown. 

Weight Distribution 

Send Weight Records

Send your weight records to an email address or a designated server. The App requires an internet connection to send.

Enter the details of the container shipment. 

Note: All details are optional. You can preset these in the App Settings.

04 App Details

Add multiple photos to go with the weight record.

Note: This is a Premium feature. 

05 App Photos

Add a signature to the VGM certificate.

Note: This is a Premium feature.

06 App VGM Signed2

Enter the email recipient for the weight record and hit send when ready. 

Note: Press + to select one from the address book or pre-set email addresses in the settings.

 Recipient App


Manage Weight Records

All of your sent weight records will be stored in the outbox. 

Swipe left to delete un-needed weight records.

Touch a weight record to edit and / or re-send.

07 App Outbox



Customise VGM

The verified gross mass of the container will be sent as a weight record via email.

Note: Uncompleted fields that you don't want will be omitted. You can pre-set fields under App > Settings.  

08 Email of Weight Record3

You can also send a weight record as a VGM certificate in PDF format and add your own company logo in your BISON App Account.

Note: This is a Premium feature. 

 Screen Shot 2017 05 26 at 2.00.08 PM


  • Subscriptions

    This is where you can enter and manage your subscription codes.

  • Weight Unit

    Choose between kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb).

  • Use Master Display

    When activated, the App will receive the total weight from the Master Display. By default, the App receives the weight from the individual weighing modules. 

  • Angle Warning

    Allows you to override the angle warning. This can compromise accuracy and is not recommended.

  • Preferred Set

    The App can listen to a specified set of BISON Scales, allows multiple sets to be used simultaneously. Enter 0 to clear.

  • Auto Weight Distribution

    Get the weight distribution automatically by placing the weighing modules at pre-defined corners. 

  • Simulate BISON devices

    This allows you to try the BISON VGM App without having the BISON Scales.

  • Outbox Limit

    Set the Outbox to contain 10, 20 or 40 weighing records.

  • Recipients

    You can pre-set the email address of the recipients you regularly sent to, to avoid frequently re-typing the address.

  • Customer Code

    Optional customer code (used for URL data transfer mode)

  • Auto Location

    The App gets the location automatically by GPS, or an address can be manually entered.

  • Shipper

    Pre-set the name of the shipper to avoid re-typing it frequently for the weight record.

  • Other

    Pre-set other details for the weight record.

  • Language

    Set the language.

  • Diagnostics

    Use the diagnostics to see exactly what each scale is reporting.

  • About

    Details of the App version.


  • Total

    This is the sum of the weight value being transmitted from the scales.

  • Adjustment

    Each scale weighs 11kg, and is attached to the container while a container is being weighed. To get the weight, the weight of the scales must be subtracted.

  • Corrected

    This is the total weight with the adjustment subtracted (i.e. the weight of the container).

  • MAC Address

    This string of letters and numbers e.g. (DB:1F:0B:CE:3B:D8) is the unique value that identifies each scale.

  • Set ID

    This identifies the set of BISON Scales. Each scale within the set is identified by A, B, C and D.

  • Az

    This is the angle that the scale is titled off the vertical. 

  • Pkt

    This is the version of the data packet.

  • dBm

    This is the strength of the Bluetooth signal from the scale. (Also called RSSI). It indicates how far away the scale is from the App. A lower negative number means further away (e.g. -100 dBm is a weaker signal and therefore further away than -50 dBm). 

  • Weight

    This is the weight value being reported by from the scale.

  • Send to BISON

    This allows the data shown on the screen to be sent to BISON for assisting with problem diagnostics.

Change language