Does a twisted container or un-level ground mean you struggle to close the container doors?

Racked containers are a common problem in the shipping industry, where you can’t close the door(s) as the container isn’t sitting flat. Usually the front of the container will slope in one direction & the rear will slope in the other direction. This essentially puts a spiral in the container and causes the door opening to twist and become diamond shaped, rather than staying rectangular.

But because containers are extremely rigid, this problem is only noticeable once they're fully loaded. You won't know the container doors are racked until the time comes to seal it and the doors won't close no matter how much force you use. 

As a result, you may try using crowbars, forklifts, or brute force to solve the problem, or you may wait for the swing lift to lift the container while the doors are open and have a person get in under the chains and close the container door while it's suspended. All of these options pose a serious health & safety issue. According to the TT Club, an insurance company specialising in Intermodal Operators, NVOCs, Freight Forwarders, Logistics Operators, Marine Terminals, Stevedores, Port Authorities, and Ship Operators, “injuries almost always occur when frustration takes over and mechanical means such as a crow bar or a fork truck are used to try to open the shipping container doors.”

how can you close the doors of a racked container?

Safety is one of our biggest concerns in the container handling industry, which is why we developed the BISON Container Booster Kit. This kit can be used to slightly lift one corner of the container to bring it back to level, meaning you can easily shut the doors without risking anyone's safety. Simply attach it to the corner twist lock of the container, and jack it up. It’s that easy! 

Watch it in action

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    is Bison is Good for Bulk as we are Freight Forwarders Let me Know Insights

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