500 cryogenic containers annually

Removes bottlenecks with portability

Utilising more site space

Our Customer

Gulf Helium Services (GHS), a Buzwair, Iwatani & LNG Japan joint venture company, is the first helium trans-fill facility in Qatar, providing liquid and gaseous helium to the Middle East and North African regions. The company moves around 500 cryogenic containers through its facility each year and also undertakes servicing and maintenance of liquid helium 40' ISO containers. 


With a growing number of containers coming into its facility, GHS faced a capacity constraint. Its existing overhead gantry crane could position just two containers in its workshop for servicing at any one time. GHS wanted to work on more containers, in other areas of its facility. A second gantry crane was considered, but this was a major investment that would suffer the same problem - being a fixed installation, servicing a limited working area.


GHS discovered BISON container lifting solutions online, and quickly recognised the flexibility and extra productivity a portable container lifter could deliver. A BISON C-Lift equips GHS to swap containers between trailers and unload containers in most parts of its facility, including in the parking yard. Allowing GHS to extend its servicing and maintenance work areas and remove container lifting as a bottleneck in its operation.


"We asked other companies for technical data on their systems and pricing, but BISON responded to each of our inquiries promptly and efficiently. In addition to the prompt, efficient service and information from BISON, the main reason we purchased the BISON C-Lift is its portability, it can be moved from position-to-position with no difficulty. We're confident the C-Lift will prove a good investment and give us a lot more flexibility to carry out work for our customers."

 - Frank Brunsdon - General Manager, Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories 

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