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The story behind our latest container lifting machine

Bison Group

22 Oct 5 min read

At Bison

The Idea

In 2019, founders Greg and Mark Fahey decided it was time to push Bison to the next level, kickstarting the development of a new product that would continue to lift the company towards the top of the mobile container handling industry.

A little over two years later, the brothers have just debuted the newest addition to the C-Lift lineup, the X Series – an innovative handling system that is pound for pound, the most powerful on the market.

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The Functionality

The X Series showcases an operation, unlike anything that Bison has produced in the past. Mounted on the front forks of a fork truck, the hydraulic columns provide operators with the ability to handle containers weighing up to 40 tonnes (88,000lb), a capacity that is generally limited to reach stackers and top loaders.

Additionally, the X Series has the ability to operate in environments that traditional, heavy-lift systems can’t. Loose and uneven surfaces can be the end of the road for systems like top loaders and straddle carriers, but the X Series and its intelligent automated load sensing, tilt sensing and synchronization, allows operators in the most remote/restricted environments to lift and transport containers, on their own terms.

“The unique way in which the X Series operates means that we can open up new possibilities to businesses that thought in-house container handling was never a viable option. It’s offering that kind of value to our customers which makes what we do worth it.”

Given that the X series combines size, speed, and workability in a package that remains affordable to all businesses, it provides a unique alternative to traditional lift methods, a defining characteristic the team at Bison are really proud to possess.

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The Development

Bison has been creating innovative solutions since the company’s commencement in 2015. But, like every industry-leading company, the drive for innovation is one that doesn’t stop.

With many avenues available for exploration, the Bison team needed to find an innovative solution that quashed the pain points found when analyzing market research, such as greater versatility, safety, and autonomy. From here, our development team started the construction of a new C-Lift that would address these pains whilst utilizing existing technology in order to create an affordable, adaptable container handling solution.

The goal of the C-Lift project was to develop a container handling solution that transformed the way operators use the common commercial forklift. The development blueprint stated, that by integrating light forklifts and limiting the requirement for hands-on activities, the X Series minimizes health and safety risks for operators while improving the self-sufficiency of container handling operations.

“In a world where health and safety is top of mind, products like the X Series make the job of logistics managers easier, by removing common stresses surrounding managing operational staff, allowing operations to become increasingly self-sufficient,” says Greg Fahey, CEO.

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Find Your Lift

As Bison continues to rethink container lifting, we hope that our solutions continue to show operators around the globe that large capital commitments are not necessarily needed for high-capacity operations.

The X Series is in production for 2021 and our fantastic sales team are ready to answer all your queries surrounding any of the products in the Bison lineup. If you’re looking to transform your container handling operations, contact our team today via email, webchat, social media, or phone.