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Grounded Loading Dock

C-Lift F Series

For buildings with no raised loading docks, the F Series makes it fast, safe and efficient to lift containers off chassis and move cargo in and out of your facility at ground level.

Transform Buildings With No Dock

With a lift capacity of 32 tonne or 70,000 lbs, the C-Lift F Series is a bolt-to-ground container hoist that can be integrated into your building design, and replicated across multiple ground-based loading areas.

Unlike our other portable container lifting jack models, the F Series is fixed in place. This design offers enhanced safety, through the use of permanent guide rails and bollards, and faster container turn times, taking just 6 - 8 minutes for one worker to set up and complete a full container transfer.

Putting You In Control

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Give Old Facilities New Life

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Avoid Transloading

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Eliminate Crane Hire

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No More Chassis Detention

C-Lift F Series

  • Set up for 20' or 40' containers or both
    container dock with lift system

    The F Series is available in 4 or 6 hoist combinations, with different configurations possible depending on the size of the containers you're receiving.

  • Fast Container Turn Times
    5000 F32 865x487 Tf 2

    With guide rails for easy alignment, and four 2.2 kW motors for fast lifting, the F Series is designed for fast, safe container transfers.

  • Easy Operation With No Heavy Lifting
    5008 F32 865x487 TG 9

    The tethered attachment frames make for quick setup times and no heavy handling. Suspending the container on cables offers free movement for aligning with twist locks.

  • Self levelling control system
    5000 F32 865x487 Tf 6

    Onboard sensors control the pumps and motors, keeping the container level and each leg synchronized. The default mode is self-leveling, however, the operator can select and control individual legs, or groups of legs, if required.

  • Lift capacity of 32 tonne | 70,000 lbs
    5001 F32 865x487 TG 2

    Each hoist has a working load limit of 8,000 kg or 17,600 lbs, giving you a total working load limit of 32 tonne.

C-Lift F Series

  • Wireless remote
    5006 F32 865x487 TG 7

    A wireless handheld remote control allows the operator to move freely, monitor each lift, and remain a safe distance from the elevated container.

  • Emergency stops
    5000 F32 865x487 Tf 1

    An emergency stop button on the remote will stop the F Series on demand. A second hardwired emergency stop button can be positioned on the ground or wall, a safe distance from the elevated container.

  • Safety rated control system
    5007 F32 865x487 TG 8

    A safety-rated control system, with dual-channel redundancy, controls the pumps and motors, keeping the container level and each leg synchronized.

  • Dual lifting cables
    5003 F32 865x487 TG 4

    Dual lifting cables, rated to 5 times the working load limit, share the load on each leg. If one cable failed unexpectedly, the other cable can carry the full load by itself.

  • Hydraulic counterbalance valves
    5000 F32 865x487 Tf 3

    Hydraulic counterbalance valves ensure the container will stay elevated in the event of an unexpected power outage or hydraulic failure.

Model C-Lift F32
Lift Capacity 32,000 kg
Lift Height 165 cm
Reversing Clearance 50 cm
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C. Upgrade available to extend high / low temp limits
IP Rating IP54
Power Supply 207 - 240 VAC, single phase, 50 - 60 Hz, 32 Amps
Construction High strength structural steel. Each leg is factory proof tested to 150% x rated load. Off the shelf hydraulics, for easy servicing. Zinc-plated and painted exterior, for long life cycle.
Design Standard CE compliant and designed in accordance with BS EN 1494:2000+A1:2008, the British Standard for mobile or moveable jacks.
1023 F 32 TG Tab 664x424

Installation Support

As part of your evaluation process, we will scope installation options with you. After you order, our engineering team will assist you and your contractors to ensure successful installation. This includes supplying engineers drawings showing required site works, system layout, electric power requirements, the bolt pattern for anchoring the hoists, and suggested conduits for running electric cables.

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Comprehensive Training

With your C-Lift F Series, you'll receive a suite of detailed Training Videos - covering safety, key components, how to set the F Series up, safe operation, and reversing safety. Each video is accompanied by a short online test, so that you can train, test, and certify your operators, and take confidence knowing they are familiar with the equipment and how to use it safely.

8001 Shashank 865x487

5 Year Limited Warranty

The Bison C-Lift F Series is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on structural components, and a 1-year limited warranty on other components. Our product development and production processes combine first-class engineering, industrial-strength components, and rigorous manufacturing, to deliver quality equipment you can trust to perform in the toughest conditions.

Bison Loading Dock Solution
Case Study

Export Coolstore Cuts Transport Costs By 30%

"The main reason I brought the Bison C-Lift F Series into our company was to become self-sufficient. It's all about productivity. I can run my own destiny with Bison C-Lifts."

5000 F32 865x487 Tf 3

Trusted to perform

Bison combines first-class engineering, industrial strength components and rigorous manufacturing, to deliver quality equipment you can trust to perform in the toughest conditions.

5008 F32 865x487 TG 9

Putting you in control

With Bison, you'll get more self-sufficiency and control over your operations, and the freedom to lift, weigh and move containers without relying on contract cranes, truck scales and heavy handling equipment.

1023 F 32 TG 2 Tab 664x424

From solutions to support

Working with Bison means exceptional service at every touch point, from our multi-lingual sales team, to our comprehensive training and global support network.

8127 HPA Bison 777x490

"Bison's support has been remarkable. They flew half-way around the world to make sure we were happy."

Marcus Oliver, Global Asset Manager, HPA USA

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