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Bulk Liquids

Payload Management & Container Handling Systems

Get More Independence & Control Over Your Container Operations

Bison empowers you to take charge of your container operations by delivering a range of self-sufficient container weighing and lifting systems that remove reliance on third parties, and deliver a return on investment through lower costs, better productivity, and improved safety.

From portable container scales for measuring and managing bulk liquid payloads, to mobile container lifting jacks for transferring ISO tanks on and off truck trailers, Bison is a trusted supplier to shippers of containerized beverages, chemicals, fats and oils worldwide.

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Take Charge Of Your Container Logistics

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Optimize Container Payloads

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Trade bulk liquids with confidence

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Manage VGM compliance

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Improve Space Utilization

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Eliminate Third Party Lift Charges

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Optimize Bulk Liquid Payloads With Portable Container Scales

With Bison container scales, you can weigh bulk liquids in real-time as you fill the container. Back up your flowmeter readings. Trade bulk liquids with confidence. Fill your flexitanks to target, knowing that every shipment is compliant, optimized and backed by a certified weighing process.

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Avoid Truck Scales For Better Timing, Accuracy & Savings

Running containerized commodities to a truck scale costs you time and money. With Bison, you can weigh containers on the spot and get an accurate payload measurement in minutes. Bison container scales are OIML certified, with accuracy of up to +/- 0.2%.

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Lift ISO Tanks On And Off Truck Trailers At Your Facility

Bison container lifting jacks provide a fast, safe and economic way to lift shipping containers on and off truck trailers. C-Lifts are a convenient alternative to cranes, and a fraction of the cost to own and maintain compared with traditional container handling equipment.

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Case Study

Hexion removes operating bottlenecks, saving time and money

With Bison container scales, Hexion are able to obtain VGM compliance instantly, on the spot. Learn more about their journey with our portable weighing scales below.