BISON container weighing jacks save you time and money, by weighing containers at the most practical time and location for your shipping operation. Portable, safe and accurate, BISON Scales eliminate cost, delays and logistics involved in weighing individual cargo items or moving your containers to a weighbridge. 

No more Overloading

Now you can weigh containers in real time, as you load. Optimise the container weight, maximise the container space, lower freight costs and ship with confidence, knowing that your container is under weight limits.

SOLAS VGM Compliance

BISON Scales put you in control of your SOLAS VGM obligations. Together with the BISON VGM App, you can record the weight on your smart phone, take photos, check the load distribution, add shipment info and email a digital VGM certificate instantly. 

Trade With Confidence

With OIML certification and legal-for-trade approval in multiple countries, BISON Scales are used by importers and exporters to weigh, check and trade bulk liquids, powders, waste and other containerised commodities.

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Weigh Early Weigh Right

Unlike traditional weighing methods, BISON Scales equip you to weigh containers at the loading point, anytime before, during or immediately after the container is loaded. This means:

Better safety
Guaranteed compliance
Lower costs
Accurate weights
No delays
Optimised container loads
No overloading

Having an accurate gross weight before the container is transported puts your business in full compliance with the CTU Code, SOLAS VGM and Chain of Responsibility rules, contributing to safety in the logistics chain.

By using inexpensive equipment and labour to weigh containers, you don't need to detain expensive assets such as trucks, weighbridges, cranes and container handling equipment. Ultimately this can result in savings and a quick return on investment for your business. Check out our weighing calculator to discover what you could save with BISON Scales.

Aligning the weighing and loading operation puts you in control of your container weights. Get an accurate container tare before you load. Check the weight as you're loading. And get accurate gross and net container weights as soon as loading is completed. This removes reliance on third parties - such as transporters, weigh stations, ports and forwarders - and avoids the risk of errors, slow communications and potential delays after the container is dispatched.

And if your cargo is weight sensitive or subject to strict weight limits during transit, weighing early means you have every opportunity to check and optimise your cargo on-site, maximising the container space, lowering aggregate freight costs and avoiding the risk and cost of being picked up overweight after the doors are sealed and the container is dispatched. Learn more about container load optimisation and download a FREE e-book on this topic here.

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