Are you wasting time and money sending containers off-site to a weighbridge, only to have them returned because they are overweight? Or are third-party weighing providers causing delays and havoc with your shipping schedule?

With BISON Container Scales, you don't need to rely on forwarders, carriers, ports, and weigh stations to weigh your containers. And you don't have to pay their weighing fees either!

Save time and money by weighing containers at the most convenient time and location for your shipping operation. Plus you get the benefit of:

  • Early weighing results - no more delays and missed cut off times.
  • Instant electronic weight certificates - no more lost dockets & paper records.
  • Container weights you can trust - certified scales put you in control.

See BISON Container Scales in action and hear what our valued customers say about them in the following videos.

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Be efficient, fully compliant with shipping regulations, and reduce shipping costs without compromising on safety.

  • Avoid the costs and delays of diverting containers to off-site weighing facilities, third-party weighing providers and weighing individual cargo items
  • Get instant container weights at a time and place that best suits you
  • Capture the VGM and submit this to your freight forwarder, haulier or shipping line at the earliest opportunity 
  • Ensure you are fully compliant with the SOLAS VGM rule, EU Directive and CTU Code
  • Avoid potential headaches down the road with overweight, underweight or unbalanced containers by weighing your container in real-time, before, during and after loading
  • Ship more in less containers, bringing down shipping costs and improving revenue 
  • Control and verify the weight of your container to ensure the safety of all individuals involved
  • Increase safety throughout the entire logistics chain and adhere to the CTU Code's "Chain of Responsibility"
OptimisE payloads 
  • Weigh the container as you load, avoid overloading and optimise shipping costs
  • Learn how you can maximise revenue and lower shipping costs by optimising your container
ManagE risk
  • Manage your transport, export and road weight limits
  • Spot check containers, eliminate mis-declarations and preserve your container handling equipment

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