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Empowering You To Take Charge Of Your Container Operations

From 2015 beginnings

Bison is a New Zealand based logistics tech company established in 2015 by brothers Greg and Mark Fahey.

The catalyst for Bison was a container scale and App the Fahey brothers developed to help shippers adapt to the IMO's new container weight verification rules. In early 2016, as alarm grew in the shipping industry around these "SOLAS VGM" rules, Bison was one of few companies globally with a tailor made solution.

Since then, Bison has grown rapidly, releasing a range of hardware and software solutions that empower shippers to take charge of their container operations. The company has customers in over 60 countries and is proud to count the likes of Siemens, Caterpillar, Saab, Lockheed Martin, NASA, NATO and the US Army amongst its valued clients.

With its headquarters and manufacturing in New Zealand, a sales office and warehouse in the US, and a dedicated network of sales and service partners dotted around the globe.

The company's mission is clear, and with strong values and a culture of quality and innovation, the team at Bison are taking container logistics to new frontiers.

Bison Container Lifting Global Headquarters

We're Driven By Our Values


We're One Team Together


We follow through on our commitments


We create value through innovation


We celebrate our successes


We're ethical, honest & fair

"Bison's support has been remarkable. They flew half-way around the world to make sure we were happy."

Marcus Oliver, Global Asset Manager