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Digital VGM Certificates

VGM App & Cloud Database

App Syncs With Bison Container Weighing Hardware

Physically weighing the container is one thing. It’s what you do with the weight data that really counts. Plus, there’s other valuable information you can collect before, during and after the container is packed.

With the Bison VGM App you can produce a data rich, digital container weight record instantly at the container loading point, eliminating the errors and delays that come with paper dockets, messy handwriting, physical weight calculations and manual data entry.

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Keep Your Shipping Data Flowing

Alongside the container weight, use the VGM App to capture photos of the container, seal and cargo. And, if it’s relevant to your operation, you can check and record the container’s load distribution and make adjustments to the way your container is packed, before the doors are sealed.

Use the App to send digital VGM Certificates to your team, clients and logistics partners. Rest easy knowing that these detailed container records can be viewed, printed and sent from the BISON cloud anytime in future.

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Smart Weighing Software

  • Log gross container weight
  • Confirm container’s load distribution
  • Calculate net cargo weight
  • Log container ID and seal ID
  • Automatically log location, date and time of weight record
  • Add photos of the cargo, container and seal to the weight record
  • Push this data directly to the BISON Cloud
  • Email comprehensive weight records to your team or clients
  • Email digital VGM certificates directly from the yard
  • Access an outbox of up to 40 weight records in the App
  • Edit and resend weight records from the App
  • View, print and send weight records from the BISON Cloud
  • Export data in CSV, XML & PDF formats
  • Send data directly to your own URL server