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Lifting Active Power's Mission-Critical Solutions

Bison Group

16 Oct 4 Minutes

Customer Stories

Bison C-Lift Takes POWERHOUSE UPS Across The Country

At Bison, we take pride in not just lifting containers but elevating our customers' success. In this case, the C-Lift T Series has revolutionized the way Active Power deploys its containerized energy solutions, as echoed by their own team.

From its state-of-the-art headquarters in Austin, TX, Active Power specializes in the creation of battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage solutions designed to meet the critical power needs of global applications. Active Power’s next-generation POWERHOUSE offers the latest in UPS technology, enclosed within a 40-foot high cube shipping container.

Gene Stevens, Head of Engineering at Active Power, says, “We came across Bison, and we're lucky to partner with them to take our POWERHOUSE containerized solution across the country.”

Rapid Container Deployment Without Crane Hire

Active Power’s challenge was transporting their UPS POWERHOUSE across the United States to various demo sites. Having to organize high-capacity crane hire at each point of every journey was time-consuming and costly and often there was no space at the demo site to offload a container with a crane. The Bison T Series Container Lifts quickly solved these problems.

Stevens was quick to highlight, "One of the great advantages of the T Series is the ability to have our own field service technicians unload the ISO container on site without the need for any crane services.”

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Safety and Efficiency Prioritised

For Active Power, the benefits of the C-Lift T Series were abundantly clear:

  • Unparalleled Mobility: The mobility and flexibility afforded by the C-Lift T Series allowed them to showcase their innovation to a broader audience.

  • Cost Savings: The T Series eliminated the need for crane services, bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to Active Power's deployment strategy.

  • Enhanced Safety: The simple and controlled nature of container handling with the C-Lift T Series translated into a safer lifting operation and reduced the level of lift planning and manpower that came with lifting by crane.

The partnership between Active Power and Bison has not only streamlined the deployment of POWERHOUSE solutions but also transformed the way Active Power presents their innovation to the world. The C-Lift T Series has been instrumental in helping Active Power expand their reach, save costs, and prioritize safety. Together, we are powering a brighter, safer future.

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“The Bison C-Lift has been an incredible addition to our capabilities for the UPS POWERHOUSE, providing significant ease in moving the product at both our own facility and on remote locations, without having to have a crane lift.”

- Collin Sullivan, Safety Officer, Active Power