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C-Lift A Series Reshapes Elevate Building Supply’s Container Handling

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16 Oct 4 Minutes

Customer Stories

Introducing Elevate Building Supply

Elevate Building Supply, a rising player in the construction wholesale distribution sector found themselves facing significant challenges in handling heavy containers of their materials. With their operation located far from port facilities, drayage costs and the labour-intensive process of unloading containers by hand were taking a toll on their efficiency.

A Need For Flexibility In Operations

The manual unloading of heavy containers emerged as a major hurdle for Elevate Building Supply. This labour-intensive process consumed valuable time and resources, impeding workflow efficiency and hampering productivity.

The ability to leave containers in the yard until needed would provide them with much-needed flexibility, optimizing their space and resources. The C-Lift A Series was able to significantly reduce the time and effort required to unload containers, especially those containing heavy materials like artificial turf. Brad ____ manager of Elevate Building Supply noted "Flexibility in our operations was really important, particularly when it came to handling containers of artificial turf. The sheer size and weight of the rolls made unloading a container a several-day-long process, which just isn't feasible for our fast-paced environment."


Solution Found Through C-Lift A Series

The C-Lift A Series was able to offer a simpler and more efficient alternative to manual unloading. Elevate Building Supply gained the ability to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. The lifts proved to be a turning point for the company, empowering them to overcome logistical barriers and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Since adopting Bison C Lifts, Elevate Building Supply has seen a remarkable improvement in their operations. Unloading containers is now faster and more manageable, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks without disruptions. The lifts have become an indispensable part of their workflow, enabling them to handle heavy containers with ease and efficiency. "This enables us to have a product line that we couldn't have had otherwise. Without the flexibility and efficiency provided by the Bison C Lifts, handling heavy containers would have been nearly impossible for us."


Results and Impact

The adoption of the A Series had a profound impact on Elevate Building Supply's operations. By streamlining container handling processes and reducing operational costs, the lifts enabled the company to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness in the industry. Elevate Building Supply's ability to deliver products more efficiently and cost-effectively strengthened its position in the market, allowing them to better meet the needs of their customers. Additionally, the lifts enhanced safety measures, as noted by Brad: "The Bison C Lifts have been a game-changer for us. They've not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced safety and reduced operational costs."

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