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IX Labs (Interactive Experience Labs)

Elevating Immersive Game with Bison C-Lift T Series

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30 Aug 4 Minutes

Customer Stories

Introducing IX Labs

At IX Labs (Interactive Experience Labs), innovation knows no bounds. Led by Senior Project Manager Mark Olson, the team embarked on an extraordinary endeavor in partnership with Leaps by Bayer (of Bayer Pharmaceuticals). The mission? To create an awe-inspiring interactive experience in the form of a mobile escape game, transporting participants “to an undersea lab where they must rescue a research specimen that could change the world for the better.” Enter the ISO container - a versatile vessel for their vision. But this journey required an equally innovative solution to overcome logistical challenges, and that's where Bison's C-Lift T Series came into play.

The T Series: Four Legs of Possibility

The Bison C-Lift T Series, comprises four mobile container lifting jacks. These jacks, also known as "legs," bolt to the corners of an ISO container. Mobile and efficient, the T Series folds away and is transported with the container, ready to be deployed at any location. IX Lab's transformation of a shipping container into a mobile educational haven, wasn’t complete without the T Series’ ability to lift and lower the container with ease and precision—keeping its precious cargo safe and transforming a logistical headache into a seamless operation.

"Without the T Series," Olson emphasized, "We would not have been able to roll out our escape game in the places we have done." He elaborated on the challenge of navigating sites of varying sizes, clearances, and surfaces, emphasizing the importance of having a reliable and efficient method for loading and unloading.


Embracing Innovation for Long-Term Gains

"Because we knew this was going to be a long-term project," Olson explained, "it just made sense to invest in the T Series. We just knew how scarce cranes and tilt decks are, especially in the locations we were grounding the Escape Game." The T Series not only provided accessibility but also future-proofed their investment, leading to substantial savings on crane rentals and enhancing adaptability on-site.


From Tight Spaces to Global Adventures

The T Series proved its mettle across diverse spaces. "Yeah, we’ve been to some unique sites," Olson reminisced. "We brought it to Austin for SXSW and that was probably our biggest challenge. It was a really crowded food truck area, with almost no overhead space.” The team's nimble use of the T Series allowed them to place the container in areas previously deemed impossible, from busy urban environments to unconventional warehouse spaces on railroad tracks. In the future, the Escape Game will be placed on university campuses, just another example of the T Series opening up new spaces for ISO container utilization.


Efficiency in Action: Setup and Beyond

The integration of the T Series into IX Lab's operations was seamless. Olson praised the ease of setup, citing instances where setup times clocked in at just minutes—thanks to the user-friendly design and rapid deployment capabilities of the T Series. “We found a lot of other uses for the T Series, like maintaining a level setup when attaching large steel plates back on the doors.” Olson recalled.

Leapsby Bayer Escape Game Breaking Through Impossible Together 021

Customer-Centric Partnership with Bison

Olson's experience with Bison is a testament to Bison’s customer-centric approach. "Mark (Fahey, Bison’s CTO) has been very responsive," Olson stated. "The Bison team has been able to jump on calls and answer questions super quick." The T Series, a plug-and-play solution, brought ease and adaptability to their operations, making it a reliable partner in their operation.


"It's definitely worth the investment, especially on a long-term container project, where you're moving around a lot and don't want to continually have to do a lot of logistics with cranes or tow trucks. It's perfect for getting into any place where you can't have a big crane right next to it. And our client is super happy with the T Series."

- Mark Olson, Senior Project Manager of IX Labs