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Container Weighing Verification Guidelines

Bison Group

11 Sep 2 Minutes


#1 Chain Of Responsibility Approach To Weight Verification Recommended

For a deep dive into the different dimensions underlying the problem of misdeclared container weight and the various ways of addressing the problem, read Dr. Murray King's LLM Seminar Paper - The Problem of Misdeclared Container Weight

The paper concludes that the SOLAS amendment is unlikely to be enough by itself to fix the problem of misdeclared container weight. Dr. King considers the points in the supply chain where responsibility could be placed for weighing, and proposes a “chain of responsibility” approach with initial weighing by the shipper and check weighing later, especially at ports, with misdeclared containers being reportable as incidents.

Source: Research Archive

#2 Container Weight Verification Guidelines

The World Shipping Council released this detailed guidance on the mandatory container weight verification requirements.

The Guidelines identify elements both of the regulatory requirements and of a non-regulatory nature that companies with commercial roles and activities within the international containerized transport supply chain will need to consider.

Source: WSC Guidelines for Implementing the SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement