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Easy Container Handling for Containerized Energy Operators

Our game-changing range of C-Lifts gives you total independence & control over your hydrogen operations

We'll Show You The Right Model For Your Application

With lift capacities of up to 40,000 kg or 88,000 lb, each of our five container lifting jack models offers you a unique mix of portability, speed, lift capacity, and price, catering to different operators, budgets, and applications. Unlock the full potential of ISO containers in your containerized energy business with Bison as your trusted partner.

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Lift Containers, Anywhere, Anytime

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Eliminate Third Party Lift Charges

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Avoid Delays And Downtime

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Mobilize Container Assets

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Lower Transport Costs

Talk With Us About Handling Containerized Energy Assets

From storing energy to deploying containerized battery technologies, ISO containers are contributing to the emergence of clean energy.

However, containers are big, heavy assets and need suitable infrastructure and handling equipment to ensure smooth and safe operations.

Bison C-Lifts provide a fast, safe and economical way to lift and position ISO containers. They are a convenient alternative to cranes, and a fraction of the cost to own and maintain compared with traditional container handling equipment.

If changing how you work with containers, or switching to a new container handling system would add enhance your energy business, then contact us to learn more about how Bison can remove your reliance on third parties, and give you a return on investment through lower costs, better productivity, and improved safety.