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Aid & Emergency Relief

When disaster strikes, BISON container lift systems are the perfect tool for getting containerised food, supplies, shelters and clinics into places with no infrastructure.

Pack the equipment inside the container

Ship mission critical cargo with confidence that containers can be offloaded at their destination. 

No need for heavy cranes & lift equipment 

Take control of mission critical operations with no need to get heavy cranes and lift equipment into challenging locations. 

simple mechanical options for tough conditions

Our range includes cost effective, mechanical lift systems with no hydraulics or electronics, for absolute reliability.

Special Assistance for COVID-19 Relief

Spotlight on the C-Lift M Series

Packs Down Inside Container

Integrating a solid, safe and sturdy A-frame design with certified chain hoists, the M Series is easy to set up, and takes a fit team less than 10 minutes to lift a container. No hydraulics, electronics or external power supply required. The tripod base gives stability on rough ground and wheels make the A-frames portable after they're assembled. The M Series packs down into a compact unit for transport, either on a pickup truck or inside the container itself. Or see the M Series Transport frame accessory below, for a complete transport solution.

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