Problem Closing Container Doors?

Opening and closing container doors can be more than a headache. It's a serious health and safety risk! 

If you are using a crowbar, forklift, or brute strength to force the door open or shut, then you'll know what we mean. Accidents and injuries happen every day as workers deal with the common problem of twisted or "racked" containers.

The BISON Container Booster is a simple tool that solves this problem. Simply attach the container booster to the container and jack up a corner. It’s that easy! No risk of back injury, decapitation or loss of limbs. No frustrated employees and another step forward in keeping your workplace safe. 

  • 10 tonne (22,000 lb) lifting capacity
  • 15 cm (6 inch) Bottle Jack Stroke
  • Typical lifting height of 5-10 cm (2-4 inches)

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Improve Health & Safety

Keep Containers Moving

Lower Workplace Accidents

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